Review: Top 10 Eating Places in KL – January 2014

Since it is 2014 and I vowed to myself to make a mini revamp on my blog, one of the ideas popped up was to share my top pick eating places monthly. This happened to be so because le amor and I are both avid food lovers and we love discovering new eating places. So, as an initial effort for this, here are 10 eating places I went in January 2014. Some are re-visits while some are newly tried.

1) Yummy Cheese Naan in a Mamak nearby Sogo area – first time to try and gotta admit I love their cheese naan to bit! Masya Allah the soft naan and overflowing cheese left me with endless guilt but come on, push that aside for we only lived once! Had it for three rounds (terribly guilty) served with chicken curry and iced tea. Please pay here a visit! 4-stars 

2) Ben’s Publika – I’m always a big fan of Ben’s so when my bestfriend, Tayn urged for a dinner in Publika with no shillyshally I opted for Ben’s. This time I chose the beef lasagna and caramelized ice cream something, not really sure but satisfied as usual. But Publika has always been a hotspot for KL citizens so I don’t really favor this branch. If you really have Ben’s in mind, I suggest the one in BSC because lesser people flood there and the decoration is the best Ben’s can ever offer so far. Recommended. 4-stars.

3) Burgerlab, Seapark PJ – third time I think. Went there with Adam, Azzairi and Abang Hazren. Had my usual A+ burger in set consisting of bottomless soft drink and fries. We were absolutely lucky to be able to park right in front of the Burgerlab itself and queue for less than five minutes, which is definitely a rare miracle happening in Burgerlab. 3-stars

4) The Daily Grind, Bangsar Village – countless visits here. I always opted for their Classic Waffle which is the crispiest in town served with the best whipped cream, fresh strawberries, maple syrup and vanilla ice cream. Thing is, the waffle is the only menu I found decent enough, their burgers (for me) is a big fail. And my two darlings Qeela and Mira approved this too when we paid our first dining visit here. But, ain’t no big deal cos I came here only for their waffle. The last time I went here was last week together with Tayn, and she loved it too! 3-stars. 

5)  Berjaya Restaurant, Jalan Telawi – first time to try. Went there with Dylan and Arisya after Abang Arief’s verdict that it is a good spot if you wish to eat Halal Chinese foods (in that Chinese environment, not Chinese Muslim one). I had kuey teau soup, super yummy. Will definitely come here again! However, located in the heart of Bangsar where parking seems impossible during peak hours is its’ major minus point. 3-stars

6)  My Elephant, PJ – As a Thai cuisine lover, I will never say NO when people ajak me to try out a new Thai eating place. My Elephant is not a new one but it is to me for that was my first time to have a lunch there.  Tried pineapple fried rice and pandan iced tea, quite flavorsome for such a very reasonable price. But be sure to visit here only at certain hours because they only operated from 12-2pm for lunch and 8pm-10pm for dinner per day. 3-stars.

7)  Chaiwalla & Co. – first time to try. Headed over the outlet after dining in IKEA. Heard it is a branch from the original one in Johor Bharu. Price is very okay but not the taste. For the sake of being adventurous and ehem…Instagramming of course, it’s okay for you to give Chaiwalla a try. 1-star.

8)  The Dancing Fish, BSC  – one night Azzairi told me he craved for something Indonesian. I thought he will bring me to Pojok in Subang but then he brought me to this private restaurant in BSC. Their foods weren’t bad at all, I think we tried the Dancing Fish itself (deep fried with special sauce to dip), kerabu manga, special omellete, and something chicken-ish. Will pay another visit here (only if I have that much cash in hand lah). 4-stars.

9)  Austin Chase Café, Bangsar– first time to try. Kak Awin belanja me here, I had a mug of caramel macchiato and it was disappointing to my tastebud and sight (decoration is a total failure). Will probably not pay another visit here. I tried to be generous to give a star at least, but I can’t. Sorry

10)  Tabletalk, Taman Tun Dr Ismail – my new year’s brunch, for it has been on m y to-visit list quite a long time ago. Tried their baked eggs and cheese, French toast and carbonara. Splendid foods! Nice ambience! Lovely staffs! Easily accessed parkings! Will definitely pay another visit here! 4-stars.

Okay, top 10 will be more than enough. Sorry if my really express and brief explanation didn’t do enough justice, but I am not a food blogger who can give detailed write-ups regarding foods, hehe. But, if you guys have any enquiries or suggestion, you can always drop me an email! Sharing is caring, sistah! 

p/s Sorry about the pixels, I directly took the photos from my Instagram album -_-‘

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