Butter Cake

I don’t usually cook, nor did I bake. So when I succeeded in an attempt, I got literally flattered. Being rather impatient in this, I found that the process in making a dish is longer than any other chores. That’s what I hate. But in the end, seeing a physical victory of mine ready to be eaten or fed to other people (if you have the gut to), every single tiresome simply gone nowhere. Sweat off.

So, yesterday due to some unknown reason, perhaps because I want to make my holiday a little bit meaningful kot, I decided to bake a butter cake. It’s the simplest my impromptu mind can decide upon rummaging through my mental Google. Saw lots of eggs, Buttercups, M&M’s and fresh milk in the fridge, so butter cake it is. Firstly told my mom about the plan, only to receive an endless mock -_-‘ Mama said it’s a better idea to go buy one if I really crave for a butter cake because…knowing well my impatience in cooking PLUS the mess I’ll create, she claimed she can’t handle it. 

Dad got a totally diverted thought on it. He was positive with my plan, through his words of encouragement “bake lah, boleh Abah makan“. Yeay! Off to the kitchen, and with some aids from little sisters, a brownish, fluffy and FOR GOD’S SAKE SOOOO AROMATIC butter cake is done! Of course, the whole process wasn’t as smooth as Martha Stewart’s, I got aid from my Mom too especially when I the weigh of the raising flour was wrongly done, making my ‘adunan’ or whatever people call it, looked like a brain leakage. Yucks. And oh! To put the adunan inside the oven was another issue. I was offered endless hands from my Dad as he claimed I might got struck down by the current ( -_-‘ ) due to my unfamiliarity with the oven, whilst Mama on the other hand asked me to settle all by myself. SHE’S 22, BIARLAH DIA BELAJAR! 

When it was all done, the ‘photography’ session took longer time rather than making the cake itself. Of course, this is quite familiar to people who get the hands on the stove for only once in a blue moon. 

Now, I’m still in my flattering mood. Still Whatsapp-ing the boyfriend telling how victorious this attempt was and insisting him to increase my hantaran value. Because my butter cake is no shrinking violet, I rest my case *blow nails*

Would love to hear from you!

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