This Must Be The Sign That I’m Getting Older

Whether I like it or not, right now I’m in the phase of age when things just get shrewder and serious-er. 22 is not to kid around, not knowing what’s the shape of our near future, not knowing what’s on the life palisade to be gambled next. It is seriously not. Must swallow that. 

That is why, while I’m still growing endless puff underneath my eyes in law school and be creative naming them with designer bags, little by little a few friends of mine is entering into another stage of life;  marriage. Though I am kinda big opponent to early marriage, I must admit I got quite dandy when it comes to friends getting married. The inner ‘I want it too’ hyped me everytime I received this kind of good news and wish to have more weddings especially my own friends’ which I regard to unite the whole batch. Oh come on, we’re all already in the 20s what!

So, in this January alone, I received quite a number of wedding invitations and got pretty excited with it. I foresee lots of diet failures because…come on nasi minyak is too irresistible lah aunties and uncles. Also, I love how a wedding can bring the whole batch together, hooking up long-lost pals, more mature conversations and so on. The last time I had this was during Nadia’s wedding last year!

Nadia’s wedding really brought us together. Zainab Girls’ School first union I guess!

So, yeah.  Friends who will be married in the nearest time, congratulations on the brave decision you made which I am not yet capable to do so for myself at the moment, and may Allah Grants your unities with lot and lot and lot of His endless barakah!  Jazakallah-ul-Khayr!

Please trust me when I tell you don’t play play with this serious phase of life as it catches mommy’s anger when you tried to fool around with it. Like I always told my mom the age I wished to get married because I wanted to reach my dreams first, and guess what? I got that 360 degree eyerolls and the conjuring “JANGAN NAK MENGADA” threat. Period.

Would love to hear from you!

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