Pangkor Island Short Getaway!

The previous exam weeks have been the most shattered one for me, seriously. The decision to left behind my laptop at home was definitely a heart wrenching one, but helpful at the same time. Or else I foresee myself sticking to this bulky screen writing several posts per day, doing useless online ‘window’ shopping and hooked up to a few beauty gurus on YouTube 24/7, despite of really studying my law notes. I don’t really fancy my iPad because it cannot do things my laptop can do but in such condition, I was left with no option except to make a full use out of it. Now, the dog days are over, babies! Momma’s home!

Oh yes, remember Katy Perry’s Firework phrased out ‘after the hurricane comes the rainbow’? Indeed. So after a month of suffer, together with my debate clans we decided to do a bonding sesh, as well as a short getaway after everyone settled with the final exam. Off we went to Pangkor Island in Perak for 3 days and 2 nights. .  I have always picture my perfect getaway from university life stress as a short trip to somewhere near, rare, local and random with my closest clans, trying out things I never did before, new taste that alien to our taste buds, walking around enjoying sceneries that are way different than those in KL. And hunt for a rare aroma of hipster coffee, of course.

But before that I was given the worst review regarding Pangkor Island from several friends of mine who went there earlier. So it sort of disheartened my holiday mood but gotta be positive since everything has been booked by Adam. However, gotta tell Pangkor is not too bad. Though I never really favor a holiday by the beachside, things will always be right with my little siblings in debate. They will always revolve boredoms to non-stop laughable moments, what-to-do’s to oh-please-don’t-stop ones etc.

We stayed in Pangkor BayView Beach Resort which is definitely a walking distance to the beach. Foods around the area weren’t really fancy, thanks to the 6 times per day meals we booked earlier from the resort or else I might lose a few kilos from the trip. As an avid fan of seafood, I felt this tad of disappointment for the seafood they served along the beachside. Wasn’t fresh and pretty much similar to the varieties I often had in KL. We tried island hoping, snorkeling for only 15 ringgit just to get bruises all over our bodies, screaming the hell out of our lungs on the speedboats and oh, experienced Banana Boating for the first time ever in my life (hushh I know, I know). Erm, if it wasn’t my debate clans who accompanied me to the island I might be a little bit way too clueless on activities to do there, so the previous verdict was slightly true, ehem.

my favorite spot!

Me now have a lot of hermanas in MORUM. Used to be the only girl in UM debate you know!

After all, nothing such the word regret came upon my thoughts. In fact, I enjoyed every single moment we spent there and sincerely hoping to do such getaway frequently in the near future. I never doubt the bonding tightening me and these people, because I know debate will always tie us together, from the fresh juniors to the respectable alumni seniors 😉
Errr.. eventhough I always annoy people with my stingy attitude, like don’t want to share satay ikan even with my coach. Punch me if you can 😛

Till then, gotta settle down my thang with John Grisham! Bye!

p/s More pictures on Instagram


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