Almost the End

I was in my room back then four months ago, less destructed than I am today of course and been so much anticipated to rock on a new semester. My question back then was ‘what am I going to do today?’ because I have too much time yet very little tasks till I got really excited to hit the law notes again. Unlike today, I can swear that I’m on my bed (even in the room) here in UM for less than 6 hours per day, I don’t have to ask myself what am I supposed to do for the day because one task got settled, infinity ones are patiently waiting on the line, and I feel like setting up an automatic break on my academic machine, please stop let me breathe in, please please.

Now I’m in week 14. The final week of the academic calendar before hitting the study week as well as the final week *biting nails*. Not sure how to feel about it. Thrilled, yes. For I can finally breathe after weeks of torture, full of assignments’ datelines, tests and a short hiatus from debate. Nervous, also yes. I mean, who would blindly grow loves towards exams, duh? Semester 3 of Degree has been so contended with new experiences which some were hard and challenging, but I guess that’s what has been building me up.

Oh yes! I’ve visited UTP once again this weekend. My juniors were there for CDM2121 debate tournament, which I participated the year before. Of the three teams that we sent, two were up for the semi-finals, and one didn’t break the prelim. But I can’t tell you how, how, how gleeful and proud I am for them! Although they didn’t make it to the final stage, they were drastically improving and I hope they will bear the same momentum and spirit to debate in the near future.

the extended familio

I guess I shouldn’t be this long on the internet when I really got to finish up my tutorial Qs. Toddles!


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