Daddy, Do You Love Me?

I grew up being an overly-attached Mama’s girl, and that’s a fact known to everyone surrounding me. Never had an idea to survive even half a day without her and that makes me nothing less compared to a 12 years old child, despite of being legally 21 now. For example,

Each time my weekly allowance is getting thinner; I’ll reach MamaBank Holdings Sdn Bhd.

Each time I’m torn in between choosing the prettiest skirt; I’ll whatsapp the picture for Mama Fashionista to decide.

Each time my boyfriend and I had a fight; I’ll report to Mama Advocate and Solicitor for a back up.

Each time I came across a to-die-for handbag yet got very little money to afford; I’ll persuade Mama to bank in some cash asap.

Each time I wanna gossip about someone, without further ado, the image of my Mama will surely pop up.

That’s pretty much obvious to portray how much attached I am to my mother! However, while I was studying for my Constitutional Law test last night, out of the blue I felt this very deep compassionate missing feeling towards my father. I must admit, I am not really a daddy’s girl, I love him equally but didn’t obviously portray the feelings like I did to Mama.

Without a second thought, I grabbed my phone and waited for the toot toot to end, praying for the conversation not be so krik krik later.


“Hello Abah. Abah buat apa?”

“Hmm. Tengok DC”

“Oh. Best tak?”

“Hmm. Internet iPad okay?”

Err…okay. Just played along and he got satisfied with my answer,

“Hmm. Kereta okay?”

WHAT -.- Explained him a satisfactory condition of my car, then when I was about to tell him that I’ll be sitting for my consti test in two days…

“Abah, Kak Long ada…”

“Okay good good. Bye” *passed phone to Mama*

His daughters are the iPad and the car, not me! T.T However, I came across a pillow talk with my roommate when she coaxed me saying that situation is completely normal. Daddies don’t have this ability to really show their mutual feelings, unlike the mommies. But deep in a daddy’s heart rests a very unconditional affection, plus if you are a daughter, he will be the one worrying about you from time to time, ready to punch any guy’s face who plays along with his girl.

I doubt that not, Abah. I love you 🙂

2 thoughts on “Daddy, Do You Love Me?

  1. I think that's how your dad expresses his love towards you by asking those kind of questions. Men are known for his precision and priority. I mean, he asked you those two questions but it's important enough. He wants you to feel complete comfortable with studying, you know without the technologies you might have difficulties to concentrate on studies. Who knows he did update on you via your mom. You are lucky to have such a parent 🙂

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