Learning Traditional Dance : Achievement Unlocked!

I recently graduated from the ‘14-weeks intensive tarian course academy’ which I attended to fulfill the requirement of this semester’s credit hours because I love dancing. Used to dance with the Dolly’s when we were once a Zainabian and that was a very long time ago worth not to be mentioned. And I wasn’t really into traditional dance before, so it’s blameless to learn something new albeit my very little confidence that I will survive this course.

So, together with a few clans of mine we registered for the course after swimming, kayak, senamrobic classes were fully occupied. At first they were quite reluctant to register but after giving my very best skill of persuasion, I managed to get Mimi and Arisya on the list, later on followed by Syarifah. *flipshair*

We didn’t learn so much except for Zapin and Inang. Guess because these two are the easiest to accommodate and ease foreign exchange students who made the major composition, rooting from Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and Japan. I assumed they registered the course to deepen their knowledge regarding Malaysian’s traditional culture.

In the end, after weeks of struggle we finally made it for our performance during Pesta Ko-K  held by SKET. Our instructor, Dr Fendi must be extremely relief not to see my face any longer, for I was the most troublesome one in the group! I made tons of excuses not to attend the class, I often questioned the steps he taught, I got no batik sarongs during practice, and most importantly, since everyone’s discipline is quite bad pertaining to punctuality, I made my own rule that I will always be the last to arrive so that I won’t have to wait for others. Bad girl bad girl…
in our studio, before performing

 But ey, I enjoyed performing during the show! Might not be at our best that time but hello, we won the Konsep Terbaik award okay, no joke. So lads and gens, you know where to reach me if suddenly Inang or Zapin cross your mind to be one of any event’s performances.

Emmm just that, I need you to vividly bear in mind: iKNOW dancing, not iTERROR dancing. (Early exclusion clause) 

Would love to hear from you!

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