Land Law Test

I wanted to post this entry yesterday but the WiFi had been absolutely off the head, so here I am, post-Criminal presentation curi curi blogging.

Earlier yesterday, together with my batchmates we sat for our long-postponed Land Law test. Since it was only a test and not an examination, the level of hardness doesn’t really penetrate deep down the ‘ugh payahnya’ seabed. Well, at least in terms of contents and the fact that it was an objective one, so you may expect least destruction, course.

Relying on the soothing expectation, I didn’t really break a leg nor did I burn the midnight oil. Somehow the inner geek side of me managed to force myself to revise all the topics our lecturer promised to include *flipshair*

All-ready for the test and here we go *flipping the question sheet*

Yang mana satukah bukan prinsip ekuiti English?

A.    Kelegaan kepada perampas

B.    Cagaran berdaftar

C.   Doktrin notis tidak boleh tarik balik

D.   Estoppel promissory

E.    Ekuiti ismen

What are these??? Okay la, maybe not that hard, only need to translate the language i.e. kelegaan kepada perampas- relief against forfeiture, doktrin notis tidak boleh tarik balik – doctrine of irrevocable license, ekuiti ismen – equitable easement and so on.
Then came this…

Pasangan hakmilik manakah yang tidak mungkin berlaku?

A.    Hakmilik Pejabat Pendaftaran – Hakmilik muktamad
B.    Hakmilik Pejabat Tanah – Hakmilik sementara
C.   Hakmilik Pejabat Pendaftaran – tanah Bandar atau tanah pekan
Hakmilik Pejabat Pendaftaran – tanah desa kurang dari empat hektar

Whoa! This Land Law test is no shrinking violet!

I do admit the answer was quite straightforward but the troublesome part was to translate the language! My NLC is in English version, my notes are all in English, the cases I read are all in English, my tutorial sessions are conducted in English then out of nowhere my test was conducted in Malay T.T

Expectation erred! Pray hard for a sympathetic result.

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