Comparing Gender’s Complexity

I was rummaging for the copy of NLC (National Land Code) inside my sling bag when I discovered that it wasn’t there. Leaving me quite disarray, I tried to recall where the NLC could be. Suddenly a memory nerve popped, recalling that I left it inside my car. Oh yes, I was too lazy to bring along extra kilograms with me earlier this morning. Since it was raining, I don’t really bother to make an effort to leave Pink Corner and grab the NLC inside my car. So I stayed.

Then, one of my friends sitting opposite to me pointed out:

‘You brought so many things with you but the NLC tak bawak. What did you carry inside your bag?’

Haa good question! (Always fast when it comes to the playful part!) Out of nowhere, since I was stuck with those land law questions, I asked Om whether I can do a mini-spotcheck to his sling bag. So spontaneous!

Well, Om’s sling bag was quite similar to mine in terms of size and spaces available. Okay, let’s check it out.

After a thorough comparison, here’s the result!

The victim.
Om’s bag carries along:
-A pen
-A cigar
-Iphone’s charger
-Car keys
the bag looks flat since i’ve already unloaded several items

Kia’s bag carries along:
-Long purse
-Phone’s charger
-Bloody hell overweight pencil case
-A small notebook
-A makeup pouch
-A pouch for hand sanitizer and mini perfume
-A small lotion
-Car and room’s keys
-A granola bar
PLUS… have to hand carry my notes, books, binder, NLC -.-‘

Okay, that was a big ‘O’ discovery! So, it’s true that men only carry things which are necessary especially when it comes to school. Om can stuff all of his necessary notes and books inside his bag, while me on the other hand had to struggle carrying extra weight in my arms. Isk isk. Amazed, in silent count I tried to imagine if there’s anything inside my bag I could eliminate. Purse? BIG necessity! Ipad? No, obviously no. Charger? No, I didn’t own any powerbank. Pencil case, notebook? Ish, pergi kelas for what then? Make up pouch? Obviously not. Hand sanitizer, perfume, lotion? NO WAAAAY! Keys? Nope. Handphone? How to whatsapp then? Granola bar? I need that extra energy!

the interior side of XX’s

‘extra companions’
the interior of XY’s

Ala. Cannot blame me laa, all women are naturally like that what. Or is it just me? 

Whatever. So, to compare the complexity, women win! Yeay (?)


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