The Great Gender Debate 2013

Remember the post when I poured my teething troubles in deciding whether to join NCCC or Gender Debate? At first I chose NCCC, thinking that it might be a new disclosure for me but later on I can’t keep lies rotting within myself. Debate is where my passion rests, and where my soul avers. Thanks to my friend Dylan Chong who encouraged me to choose debate over NCCC, with his strongest argument; debate is far away more challenging and I will learn bigger scope of knowledge in debate compared to NCCC.

So yeah. For the third time, I participated in The Great Gender Debate. This year I teamed up with my last year’s partner, Adam Daniel Goh. My coach was a bit draconian this time around. I can’t tell how many times had I cursed him in my silent cry, how many times did my heart bleed when he shouted at me, how many times did I wished to punch him in his face! Before this I can ask him on certain issues which I wasn’t clear at but he changed his regime this time. I am not allowed to ask him a single thing before I actually made an effort to curb my misunderstanding, and that remains throughout the tournament.

So bloody mean.

In the end, that was done for my own benefits. He wanted not only me, but the rest of us to actually get out of our rotten comfort shells. Me and Adam, we didn’t make it as the champ, but settled down as the second runner up instead. Despite the loss, we are more than grateful to be able to break our ‘tak final’ sorcery as well as settling down on 2nd place after UiTM in the prelim league. Guess this is our initial stepping stone to lurch forward in the future and bringing back the roar UM used to have. It’s about time.

And coach, thank you for the caci maki. This cannot be done without your superstitious, annoyingly, bloody hell new regime. Guess this is for you 🙂

p/s I was taken aback when we are not allowed to don several colors like purple, yellow and white since Tuanku Zara Salim was the VVIP on that day. Baju buruk only, sad story.


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