I’m Finally 21!

I might be 21 years old but my anticipation towards birthday will remain the same until my hair is totally grey and probably can’t remember my future hubs name even! Okay, that might be exaggerative a bit but I can’t describe in words how much I appreciate the day that pay me a visit only once in a year, to remind me that a beautiful one year is now my past and ahead in front of me is another one year closer to Him.

This year, the date is so beautiful MasyaAllah, 13.11.13 but the day it falls onto is not so beautiful. Wednesday, in the middle of hectic busy-ness of Mock Trial on the night and academic stuffs in the morning… so not cool. Anyhow, I was too blessed to have my birthday been celebrated by a couple of lovely people surrounding me. Seriously guys, though you stuffed me with good foods and all that whimpy whoompy surprise, I look beyond that ie the efforts and love you showered me. Of course it wasn’t thrown on the same respective days, my 21stB-day were celebrated in series instead, but my appreciation remained fresh throughout the week/month, doubt me not! I’m wrapping this up as short as I can okay!

Firstly, Mock Trial family + Azzairi. They surprised me exactly at 12 after the first show finished, sang along the typical Happy Birthday song, and made me blow candles on SR’s Chocolate Indulgence. Everyone asked me to thank my mom for giving birth to me on that date, for they can enjoy free cakes after a tiring first show. And the bertuah guy set up candles in heart shape on my car boot, leaving drizzling ugly wax that remains there till now -.-
seeeeee! still in crew’s T!

Secondly, my two bestfriends in UM. Qee and Mira! Apart from our monthly date, the dinner was set up to celebrate mine and Qee’s birthday! Like, Qee’s was postponed due to her clinical days in Hospital Klang so we merged it together with mine. Had a dinner in The Daily Grind since I was craving for their classic waffle a lot! I may look bipolar; as I could not make up my mind whether I am torment or just convivial for the waffle. But honestly, really, I was just so full of bless with them despite the foods were not so good, but I just was very content with every single minute I spent with them 🙂

Thirdly, of course with Azzairi. This time around, we chose to have Japanese dinner, one of a kind that my heart longs for the most. Well, I was ideally happy and literally screaming over the foods served in Rakuzen, Publika. That was just by far… the nearest to the perfect definition of Japanese meal I’d ever tried in KL. Worth exploring the taste, please go! After the worthily dinner we had, both of us being an avid coffee lover, went to Dr Café (also in Publika) to settle down for a nicely brewed coffees. On a very eleventh-hour he asked me whether I wanna go for  midnight movie sesh, something I will never resist lah gentleman! Straightly rushed to Signature The Gardens to watch Thor (I know, I know I am so left behind) and guess what? We were the only two in the hall that Azzairi made a lame joke “see I sewa the whole hall for your Birthday”. Yeah, right.

Lastly, though I hope it is still not yet the end, was the celebration I had with my Aunty Nyna. She treated me Thais in Absolutely Thai The Gardens, and wrapped the whole aunty-niece sesh in Chillis for the delectable chocolate lava cake. The best part of it? Being spoiled with the prezzies, no doubt!

thank you Aunty 😀

Thank you everyone for the warm wishes on my birthday, and extra thanks to these flocks who thrown celebrations for it. I have lot more to share, the cards, the presents, the warm wishes too but I really can’t see idealism to cramp everything in one effing post. Or else I want my readers to puke. But I love you guys, fret that not. Haha.

Would love to hear from you!

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