Attending The 27th Sultan Azlan Shah Law Lecture

Right now I’m dipping Munchy’s biskut kering in a mug of hot Caramel Latte, enjoying every blissful, hurricane-free minute that rarely happens in my recent days. Seriously, that understated joy I can’t verbally explain. No more rush for Mock Trial, no more rush for Gender Debate, no more rush for Client Consultation *cough*, only me, my beverages and my blog.

I have lot, lot, lot of stories to share. Guess I’ll begin with my experience attending The 27th Sultan Azlan Shah Law Lecture Series held on 20th Nov ago. This event is one of the most anticipated ones in the legal calendar and is held annually under the auspices of the Sultan Azlan Shah, who is also the Chancellor of the University of Malaya. Perks of reading law in UM myself, I was cordially invited to attend the lecture.

So, off to Mandarin Oriental KLCC with Azzairi and Arisya. Azzairi too was invited on behalf of Attorney General Chamber, and Arisya of course in the same boat with me skipping tarian class to attend the lecture. I have been trying to find some mean to squeeze the details in, I will not write much, since I know this might bore to death. But just in case you’re wondering what was I up to during the lecture, here it is.  In roughly an hour or so, the lecture was successfully delivered by Lord Jonathan Sumption, a British Supreme Court Judge who spoke about “The Limits of the Law: Is There Too Much Of It?” Sure  guys, I wasn’t paying too much attention like I did in lecture halls but I do grasp the essence of the talk especially when he mentioned the interference of politics in judiciary system! The rest of it? Games on iPad.

Right after the lecture, it was time to mingle around in hot brewed tea coupled with bunches of good foods served by the hotel. Honestly, I concerned the least pertaining to the mingling around part because the foods diverted my attention! But Azzairi won’t give me a chance, he kept dragging me along everytime he socialized with the professional flock! -.-‘

buddies picture!
Janise Then!

Anyways, that pretty much badly summarized my first time attending Azlan Shah Law Lecture. Pray hard to be given another chance of attending it next, next and infinity next years too! Oh, the next day I got these flattering words from Azzairi!

‘You know what my friends commented about you?’


‘You are pretty and got that bini DPP look’

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Ehem! Guess I need to break the piggy bank for a burgundy Coach, twist it around in black suit and 5’ Loubies like I don’t care!

Mmmmmkay twas krik krik…sorry guys!

p/s sorry for the pictures’ quality!

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