UM Mock Trial ’13 – FIN.

Very recently I can find the moment to lie down on my bed, munching gazillions of Cadbury Dairy Milk with no sense of guilt, while thinking of what to blog because the hectic week is finally over. Read, Mock Trial is over! But don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed every single second of running my duty throughout Mock Trial, I am just too glad that finally I’m in the zone of “mock tiresome no more”. He he.

For some of you who might be clueless of what Mock Trial is all about, it is basically a theater production by us, the Law students of UM and held annually for its high demand! Chewah. It emulates a real court proceeding, but of course conducting a trial in the too-bombastic-i-can’t-mention law wordings to laymen is really not a good idea. So, an entertaining, flippant, lenient version of court proceeding is the best to describe what Mock Trial really is. And as for this year, Mr Director named it as WTF which stands for What They Fitnah. Rooting on the basis of a defamation case, it was quite a successful tryout by Mr Director. Kudos to him for the bravery he embraced, got out of the usual criminal cases Mock Trial traditionally run, and rocking on a civil case instead.

For WTF, I worked under the Make-up bureau (yes I know). Behave guys I know by this time you already go wtf-ing over me. Well, I was allotted together with Uyaina, Syarifah, Aqmal and Fakaruddin as an ‘artist’ who made the casts’ faces my own canvas. I had so much fun doing so, really. My job started as early as 2pm, and I had to get their faces done before 8pm. Stayed until the show is over for a post-mortem then go back to hostel to get my tutorial questions done. The same routine repeated over and over again for five days, for six freaking shows. Phew.

Here are some faces we created and hairs we did (out of all 17 casts altogether)

Mr Director aka Datin Herpes Lina is getting my ‘hand-touch’ hehehe

Photo credit to Syafiq Mustaqim

Though I realized how upside down my life was for the whole one week, I don’t feel like complaining every single moment of it. Discovering a new ability within ourselves is not a mere satisfaction, it lifts up our confidence up to the seventh cloud, I swear! Playing with make-ups, transforming friends’ faces uglier or prettier, and the most important thing is… making friends with a whole new crowd of people 😉

The last show of WTF! Yours truly and Mimi
One thing for sure, up till now, my alter ego is still denying the reality of me joining this theater kinda thingy. Phew.

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