Not Really a Secret Keeper

Few days ago, my parents were off to Penang for some matters. Me and my two sisters together with our brother were left at home, when they only brought along my youngest sister Syadiyah. Mama was a bit concerned with what we’re going to eat during their absence, plus the fact that I’m only eating what my mom cooks at home, and Abah who doesn’t really allow me to even stand closer to the cooking stool, were several major concerns. Hence, before leaving us Mama prepared several dishes and left them in the fridge, for me to heat up whenever it’s meal time.

Okay lah, at least panaskan je, not a big deal.

So, the next day I heated up whatever Mama had cooked and the only extra effort I did was… washing the rice, filled in water accordingly, turned on the switch and waited for it to turn to ‘warm’. When it was all done, I called up my sisters to come and eat. (little brother awal awal lagi chow to eat with his friends outside)

“Wah, Kak Long masak ke semua ni?”

Eh. They didn’t know yet? Feeling like transferring the credit to moi, I do admit that I did the cooking.

“Wow, hebatnya. Boleh pun Kak Long masak! Lain kali Mama boleh tinggal lagi la”

Ha ha ha…

“Betul! Sama rasa macam Mama masak!”

Double ha ha ha…

So the next day when my parents and Syadiyah finally returned, while we were having dinner Thaqifah told Syadiyah:

“Adik, best duduk rumah dengan Kak Long. Kak Long pandai masak. Sedap best adik tau”

You know what… Syadiyah really cannot lie!

“Hah? Bila masa pulak Kak Long masak? Kak Long tu dia tolong panas je la hok Mama masak Mama letak dalam peti! Kak Long mana reti masak”

Spoiler alert. Thank you Kiasyadiyah!

“Emmmm patutlaaaa” Syahindah and Thaqifah echoed almost thematically together.

And, to troll me way cooler, little Syadiyah wrote this on her board:


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