Two Years and Still Counting

So four days ago, my relationship with Azzairi turned out to be 24 months-old, equivalent to 2 years if you mind not do the Maths. Nothing too fancy about the number, I understand that some people made it like up to 10 years and doesn’t even gebang about it but to be honest this is by far my longest relationship, henceforth I feel like gagging in my emotions into a memorable writing, my self-proclaimed forte. Ahem. Kasi chance la 😛

That night Azzairi took me out to a proper dinner in Las Vacas, the Jalan Yap Kwan Sweng’s branch which is claimed to be one of the best dining places in KL serving for fervent steak lovers. Well, Azzairi is one, I am not. And what they claimed is absolutely close to definite, the foods deserved endless praises (eventhough I only had a 200g medium-cooked wagyu served with finely baked garlic bread and a bowl of so-so dressing salad). Well now Tony Roma’s you better keep an eye!

if there’s one thing I can advise them about, it would be the food presentation.
seriously goooood! peach drink something.

In between the munching and swallowing, I handed him a simple present. He was so reluctant to accept the little gift because he on the other hand, prepared nothing to moi. His absence to SP a few days before was up as the major excuse.

“Can you excuse me to KLCC now, I wanna buy you something. I’m terribly guilty”

“Cut the crap -.- I tak kisah pun”

“Okay as compensation, you may name any dessert place we shall go after this and you may order as much sweetness you want!”

I heard that right, no? That’s a great deal!

“The Chocolate Lounge, Curve” spontaneous reaction.

We went to Curve later on to discover that Chocolate Lounge is no longer operating on The Street. What a heart wrenching discovery! I could see Azzairi insisted on Starbucks (his favorite daily must visit) but my kiasu attitude just didn’t allow me to give up yet! Come on, Starbucks’ too mainstream. Drove along TTDI later on and met other blues when Artisan Coffee, Tabletalk were all closed! What kind of wicked sorcery is this -.-

Lastly, because I was so kiasu not to settle down in Starbucks, he brought me to Dip N Dip in Bangsar. Hmmm, not really a place I love to devoir, but considering it was past 12am by that time where Dip N Dip is the only preference available in Jalan Telawi, my choice of words were limited to a “yes”.

While waiting for my crepe to be served, came an Indian florist with a few of roses left in his hand. Azzairi waved to the guy and asked if I would love to take the roses. He surely doesn’t understand me fully yet. I don’t fancy flowers (except the ones on dais haha) so in between those bargain he made with the florist, I kept on kicking his leg as my sign of disapproval. No rose no rose please please I have a flight to catch tomorrow’s morning so I’ll be leaving behind the roses for a week, no no! The failed telepathy, guess it was clouded over my confusing brows signals that he didn’t manage to understand -.-

In the end, he handed me the 10-ringgit-each-for-almost-wilting mini bouquet of roses. Hmm the stubborn-yet-miniature-economical part in me was whispering:

“It’s better for you to pay another set of crepes rather than this…”

Ungrateful girlfriend, no? Well, it wasn’t really a flabbergast some kinda celebration but I swear, this one shall remain unbendingly in my memory box, esp the roses part.

oh btw, I know my outfit wasn’t right for a night date but.. please.
If it was wrong, it was only up to the extend of “fashion offence” not a “criminal liabity”

If you happen to read this, now you know what I was thinking back then. Sorry and cheers Jerry 😛

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