Conflict of Interest?

I barged in the interview sesh with my batchmate Alison, just for fun before the next thing I knew, I had been chosen to represent UM for the prestigious National Client Consultation Competition, a lawyer-client simulation based tournament. It deals with how excellent you are in handling cheesy clients who came to you and acted like a boss, explain the exact law to solve their problem (and from what I heard it wasn’t easy to explain laws to laymen) and of course, it relies a lot on soft skills as well as coordination with your partner.

I was so glad at first, knowing that winning this will bring me to Puerto Rico.

NO, joke. The Puerto Rico part is true, but I wasn’t glad for that particular reason. It’s just another sheet of experience to explore while I’m still in the campus that excites me, (apart from being lucky to set aside another 50++ applicants) Alhamdulillah…

But like I said, I was glad at first. Not aftermath.


It deals with Commercial Contract.

Now, WTF is Commercial Contract!? I learned Contract Law in my first year and I swear heartedly it was a dry subject that I never wanted to revisit! Now what? Another form of Contract with a cooler initial name? *hmmmmmmmm*

Then, coming to the second reason to feel reluctant about this.

The date of the competition is November 23.

The same exact date as… The Great Gender Debate in UTP.

The Gender Debate is one of the abstract sentimental values I kept vividly in my heart. It’s the womb of intervarsity tournament from where I was borne, the first ever tournament when Allah blessed me to be on the final stage when I was yet a virgin in debating arena. Quite a wrap, two years in a row swimming in pain for Gender, and now I have to let it go, that’s it?

Oh my my… why do I have to stuck in the middle of conflict of interest?

I love Gender to bit.

But I would love to give NCCC a try.

Allah, help me.

Would love to hear from you!

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