The Search for New Debaters

Hello! So what’s up with the long hiatus Kia? Pardon me for being invisible but hope it’s not too late to bid Hello October to everyone. Just in case you are wondering why, I wasn’t diminished. Just that my schedule is getting tighter and from the continuous popping events, this I manage to write about.
Each and every single year, Majlis Orator Universiti Malaya (MORUM) will organize a mini debate tournament in order to maximize the number of debaters, soon to replace the seniors. Pretty much, every single member of MORUM was borne from this little tournament, involving 12 colleges in UM battling to win the Vice Chancellor’s Cup. Me too, once upon a time I was plowed from this Debat FESKUM (Debat MHS during my time) after losing to Adam Daniel in the grand finale.
Somehow, the tournament was held during the weekend, which I was so reluctant to sacrifice my ‘me-time’ moment. But, being the VP for MORUM pretty much constrained me from giving excuses so in partial willingness I turun padang judging the kids.

My design! Hehe finally that hidden little hobby: Playing with Photoshop, my long lost passion.

picture courtesy of Adie Ucin

Ah, speaking of the kids. My first impression? Not bad! Not bad at all! Like seriously, I swear big time right now they were so brilliant and much, much, much more talented than last year’s debaters! I mean, like for the beginners’ level, it was a good thing to see how they managed to throw a couple of solid arguments, broad knowledge of current issues, catchy presentations, leaving me sat back by the chair and… constantly amused. Silent WOW.
Now, we the seniors have a big responsibility to bear.
To make them stay in MORUM, like what Abang Zizul told us:

“Mereka emas untuk dijaga”.

Well, to be honest I used to disgrace the presence of new debaters. Feel like they are a layer of ignominy skin unneeded at the first place, denoting my repulsion, I hate being challenged. Used to, to be exact. Anyhow, thanks to that momentarily instant self-consciousness, I no longer feel this way. It’s a good thing to have new siblings in the club, at least their presence scratches me away from my comfort zone.

Like what the people said, real journey begins after the comfort zone.

Would love to hear from you!

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