That Gentleman

Whilst I am still in the mood, let me continuously write about my life occurrence happening last week.
Apart from Debat FESKUM, Graduation Day, I was given the honor to host a varsity’s event called Bicara Pemimpin: Forum Pilihanraya Kampus happening in Auditorium KPS last week. Nothing was special on my part, what I am trying to emphasize about is my partner of the night.
Since he is the ‘in’ person babbled by almost everyone right now, I wanna seize the opportunity to introduce the gentleman who happened to be my emcee partner.
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome…

Handsome right? No? Yes?
Well, I was exaggerative on the part above. Haha. But one thing I am too sure of, there’s one person smiling to ears upon reading this. Oh please, don’t deny it, 阿日萨阿努阿尔!

this one for you *evil bit*

Nope, you are welcome! 😛

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