Fiza’s G-Day

My buddyline is one of the few things I appreciate the most in law school.

The hierarchy begins with our big Abang Long, Shahrul Shafiq Zamri who’s now a Federal Lawyer in Attorney General Chamber, Dima rocking her career as a legal advisor, Fiza Abu Bakar, currently a chambee in Mohd Ridza & Co., Ainin, Aqmal Meman, me and Al-Richtyne and now the youngest flock, Khairina and Khairul Anwar. To make explanation way easier, buddyline is a flock of ‘siblings angkat’ in our faculty.

So last week, it was Fiza’s graduation day. Hats off, congratulations Fiza for surviving four solid years in UM Law School. Huh, don’t even have an idea on how you survive though! After all the tortures, bet the satisfaction is beyond reasonable limit.

the girls!

loveeee this! buddies

Herein, I would love to share a line of words of wisdom quoted by my lecturer, Dr Siti Zaharah during our Criminal Law lecture:

“Graduation is not a sole day of yours. It is a day mainly to celebrate your parents, to show the appreciation for the success of producing another future leader to the country”


Anyhoooo, Fiza rocks the scroll. C’mon, “LLB (Hons) (Mal)” was a title deserve a brag, you go girl!

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