When The Car Misbehaves

At first I don’t think so blogging this incident is necessary but then when dejavu hit, I came upon a second thought. There is nothing uncommon with this story, yet occurred to everyone possible (don’t tell I didn’t warn you ey). So hold back, this is a summary about me dealing with kereta rosak for the first time ever in my life.

I got my first car back then I was 19, a birthday present to be exact. Eversince then, it had never being wicked to put me into trouble. A good girl she is for over two years, and that I must say an achievement. Until a week ago, she got off the record thus creating history to be in one of my lucid intervals during days of agony.

The first time it happened, the boys said the battery dried out so we solved it by buying two ‘air bateri’ in a nearby BHP and there it goes, settled in a blink of eyes. I cling to hope that was my first and last experience ever, guess I was wrong. A week passed by, then it came catching me back again -.- Even more dramatic, it happened at the same venue, almost the same late dinner hour, with the same flock of people whom I hanged out with. Beautiful coincidence, ey?

the heroes!

So, the second one appeared to be tougher. My car was jump-started that night and managed to travel a few distance, just enough to safely park in the college lot. When I tried to restart the engine, it failed. There you go. Until the next morning I called a mechanic and he replaced my leaked battery with a brand new one.

“Aiyaaa, you punya bateli banyak lama laa… ini acid sudah keluar maa, talak bagus punya!”

Sempat kena bebel before able to rock Baby Boo back! 200 bucks flung anyway T.T

Anyway, my friends were indeed really, really helpful! Thank you guys for sacrificing some times to give me a hand. Pulak tu, the boys really have a broad knowledge in automobile. What they taught me:

#1 The lifespan for a normal car battery is 2 years max. Then have to replace it.

#2 There are two types of battery; sel kering and sel basah one. The earlier is better.

#3 For the sel basah one gotta constantly check its water level.

#4 Jump-start is performed to transfer electrolytes.

So the experience really taught me a lesson that I shouldn’t take my car for granted. For most of the time, stereotype pictures us that women are generally incapable in handling cars, and liar man loves to play a trick on us. I used to oppose the idea but now I nod my agreement since I was in the same boat for the very first time! So Kiasatina and associates, I think we have learned one thing worth mentioning. There is one huge difference in our life from before, one vital piece of ability. For once in our life… let’s learn a bit about the basic on how to maintain our car in good condition.

What bad timing to realize such a thing. The biggest irony of all -.-‘


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