Taking Hiroki to Nirwana

During our Land Law lecture yesterday, Arisya asked me to follow her and Mimi picking up their Japanese friend, Hiroki in Pasar Seni. The guy visited Malaysia since last Sunday if I’m not mistaken and they feel obliged to be Hiroki’s tour guide, as a return to what he did in Kyoto few weeks ago.

Since I have two hours gap before Media Law lecture, I nodded my agreement to the ad-hoc invitation. So I met Hiroki.  

“Hi, I’m Kia! Nice to meet you”

“Hi, I’m Hiroki! Your name sounds rike the car (Japanese cannot pronounce L)” well, that cliche response, again. I’m used to.

It was lunch hour back then so I suggested Mimi taking him to Nirwana’s in Bangsar. The zest and intensity of kiasuness to give Nirwana a try actually lingered within myself but of course, I explained to both two that introducing Hiroki to banana leaf sounds like an up to snuff idea! Olla, banana leaf rice is one of Malaysia’s most-proud-of after all so yeah… thanks God they both agreed to my ‘selfish’ little recommendation. Well, what Kia wanted Kia always got 😛

Parked in Bangsar Village 2 JUST TO EAT NIRWANA. You better be worth it.

We headed to Nirwana and grinned to see there were few seats left and lesser people compared to the usual times! You know kan, Nirwana has always been a full-house during peak hours so it was really a bless to see the seats available. When the Anney approached to jot down our orders, Hiroki’s blurred expression over the menus was a gleeful sight, and for us three, we had so much fun explaining to him what the food is all about, hehe. Proud Malaysian moment. Padahal baru first time nak try -.-‘

Hoping Hiroki to adapt with Malaysian’s culture of “Instagram first, eat later” -.-

My portion ehehe

papadom and masala chicken

‘fried octopus’ that’s what Hiroki said.

Ignore me, Arisya and Mimi! We were so anxious to see how Hiroki will respond to the foods because for an obvious reason… Japanese cannot stand spicy dishes! Anyhow, each of us ordered the basic vegetable set which includes the rice, the curry (selection of chicken/ fish/ dhal), acar, pumpkin and bittergourd (peria goreng the oomph!), pickles, chillies and papadom. For an extra kick, chicken masala and fried squids were our preferences.

cutie Arisya is one satisfied customer

another satisfied customers!

So, I asked Hiroki:

“How was the food? The spicy is mild anyway”

“Very nice. I rove it!” in his teary red eyes, while impatiently sipping his apple juice.

You know what? I’m terribly guilty -.- Hahaha

Ayy..but what it may be asked, of the joy and satisfaction of living, Nirwana is definitely a ‘worth-it’. Now you know where to eat.


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