Is this Nuffnang working?

So very recently I was 100% sure with my decision to set up Nuffnang ads on my blog (finally!). I’ve been considering the plethora of thoughts for over two to three weeks, just because they require me to include my IC number during the e-registration process. Well, it’s just an essence of being a law student I guess to be extra cautious when dealing with something private and personal. Like seriously, my mind bewildered with questions such: Is there any cyber law to protect me if my personal information suddenly goes leak? On what basis can I suit a petition if Nuffnang doesn’t keep the promise?

Ha. Don’t play with me.

Before coming to my final decision, I randomly asked my senior Qayyum who runs EnglishJer (one of the famous twithandles in Twitter) as well as AwefullyWritten, regarding his view on this. Thankfully, he encouraged me, claiming that it helps a lot in increasing the traffic and promoting your writing to a more recognizable level. Though that sounds really convincing, it wasn’t really what I aim to accomplish when I started blogging, because I am not Qayyum who has this grandiloquent exceeding-Band-6-level for English or having ‘constitutionalism’ way of thinking the way he did. Honestly, I’m doing this to keep track of life in written form and yes… I just love writing for no reason!

But, if that ‘for no reason’ (might) benefits me a thing, you know, why not? 😛

p/s Happy 50th birthday Malaysia. Anyhow, regarding Chin Peng’s death which people remarked as the best 916 present for Malaysia, have you ever came across Karpal Singh’s “maxim” about it? Maybe you should.

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