Egyptian Clans Said This…

I tried so hard to write about my recent faculty life, but the harder I tried the nearer I got to failure. Guess I’m not really into the mood yet, still in the transition between holiday mode and ‘back-to-hell’ one so yeah, I’ll write about the random witty ones first.
Yesterday I went out with my clans whom most of them are studying in Egypt. There were Ummu, Syaqir, Father, Rashid, Chukak and his random chemical engineer friend. Since most of us had lunch earlier, we settled down in The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf while waiting for our movie hour.

the pretty Ummu 😀

Well, the crisis in Egypt is upgrowing, I hope everyone is aware of that. The fact that the boys are here in KL too is because they have to attend a talk by KPT regarding their “education dilemma” in the midst of Egypt crisis. So, here comes the random talk.

“Bila korang balik Egypt eh?”

Ummu is the earliest among all, while the rest in the middle of October.

“Are you guys really going back? The condition is not getting any better anyway.”

“What can we do about it? As if we have any brilliant solution”

“What the KPT has to say about this?”

“They asked us to find for other alternative on our own initiative. Try to get a place in any IPTS, because getting a place in IPTA seems impossible. Yang student Malaysia pun banyak tak dapat tempat, what to expect for us”

That makes sense.

“IPTS mahal kot Kia. Plus, we cannot transfer the credit hours so we have to start from the beginning. And most of us went to Egypt with no foundation, matrik apa semua like Malaysian students did, we entered our first year terus so it just make things really impossible.”

“Then what about the saying that Al-Azhar is planning to start a branch in Nilai?” since Ummu is a student of Al-Azhar’s, that’s why.

“That is only for Religious Study, something like that. Neither medicine nor dentistry”


“Then what about the government’s promise to transfer you guys to Russia, Jordan, India whatnot?”

“Lagi lah impossible. To bring us back to Malaysia pun susah, nak ke sana lagi lah”

Hmm… that’s hard isn’t it?

“So korang tak kisah lah actually going back there and risk your life? Like you’re willing to? Tak takut?”

And this is what Ummu replied (and even tweeted after that, LOL)

“Kalau dah ketentuan ajal kita kat mesir, pindah ke mana mana pon situ juga kita akan meninggal.. And vice versa. Bukan aku nak sangat kembali ke Mesir kerana “disitu tempat aku belajar erti kesabaran” and whatsoever yang orang suka tulis konon konon tu. Cuma realitinya, takda tempat untuk aku selain di Mesir untuk aku nak further study. Sebab aku sedar diri lah aku ingin pulang ke sana”

That’s a word, kan? My God, this woman really has a high level of sincerity. There are like plentiful of Malaysian students studying there in Egypt and really, the government can’t really do a thing to help them? Maybe I’m not in the Minister’s shoes to understand what complication is really happening but I do put a high hope that this will meets its solution. As well as, like what the footage reported us on what’s really happening in Egypt, showing civilians being shot and killed purportedly by regime forces in the fatal crackdown in the country, shall stop.
Please, I don’t wanna these words from Syaqir anymore:

“OK je balik sana. Aku nak jihad”


p/s Let’s take a minute to recite Al-Fatihah for my late uncle who passed away yesterday’s evening. May Allah rewards our simple deeds.

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