Quick Lunch with Syakirah

Usually, when a new semester hits, apart from struggling for tutorial classes’ registration, doing catch ups with the bestfriends is a big must. Especially if you are like me, having most of the friends studying abroad and meeting up is only possible when they are in the country. Thanks to the government for synchronizing Malaysia colleges’ academic calendar parallel to the international schedule.

So, today I went out for a quick lunch date with my pal, Nik Syakirah (I called her Neeks) and she’s one of my best friends studying in UK, doing medicine in Cardiff Uni. It was indeed extremely short because I got to rush for my Constitutional Law lecture at 3, duh. Anyway, Neeks told me that she wanna eat like there’s no tomorrow before going back to Cardiff so considering that she had been a ‘vegan’ long enough in UK, I brought her to Sushi Zanmai located in The Gardens and Paddington House of Pancakes for dessert. Easy option, no?

Smiling to finish her tempura udon and spider sushi
“I used to be obsessed in making pancakes there in UK!”- she confessed.

Of course, we did a lot (although it wasn’t enough of course) of catch-ups since there’s too much stories to be told. I told Neeks how I adored her lucks pursuing studies in UK, one of the countries I loved the most and how I wished to be in her shoes. Seeing her travelled here and there across Europe, brought a bit of jealousy in here of course.

“I suka tengok your travelogue! You’ve been everywhere, shopped like in every outlets, oh God.”

“No. I jealous with your life!”

Pulak dah?

You see. I love her life. She’s doing medicine (for God’s sake!) in top 10 university in the world, she rocks on Gucci, Kate Spade and all with zero trouble owning one, she’s there with Wani and Hana Reza while I got none of the MRSM PC camaraderie accompanying me here in UM, and she’s able to Instagram cool selfies with extraordinaire sceneries! YES! TO THAT EXTEND!

But ironically, Neeks said she envied me being within a little distance to my family, can go back home whenever I wished, she envied my freedom to join activities I love in the campus (because in UK it wasn’t that easy), my law school environment, surrounded by cool people, able to eat Halal foods whenever the stupid craving comes, stuffs like that.

Guess everyone’s life journey is created to be different, Allah is awesome. And us as the humans, we’ll never understand what satisfaction is, right?

And you know what surprised me the most?

“I loved the Pondan language you taught me! Been practicing ‘noks’, ‘mak’, ‘iolls’, ‘kaedahnya’ etc a lot there! I’m a pro.”

Oh man… that’s a big WTF -.-‘ 

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