Aroy Mak!

“I am a better person when I have less foods on my plate”- Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat Pray Love. 

My food tang always opts for Asian flavors, perhaps because I was borne as one. For most of the time, I enjoy Thai foods, Malays, Japanese and Chinese better compared to Western’s as I found them being more artistic and flavorsome, not to mention most of them are very filling too!

So, a couple of days ago I told el padre and la madre about my cravings for good Thai foods. Since my parents are way too concerned, they brought me to a Thai restaurant in Sungai Golok just to entertain my cravings! Mama said she don’t want me to mengidam when I’m back in UM so that’s pretty much about it, awh so sweet!

The restaurant was a tiny yet cliquey one, located exactly alongside the main road not too far away from their Friday wet market. It has a name but I’ve no knowledge to read Thai. Since Sungai Golok is one of the districts in Thailand having quite a numerous population of Muslims, there’s nothing to worry about whether the foods served are halal or not 🙂 The foods?? Uhhh la la! Heavenly divine! Amazingly they were so… Thai-ish! The one you cannot get even in the famous Amarin Heavenly Thai, Nong & Jimmy, Just Thai ore even the famous one in Kelantan, Rang Nok! Prove? I rarely finished a plate of rice if it wasn’t my mom’s cooking but that time, two wasn’t enough! Not enough of alibi??? Seek the pics and ye shall nod in agreement!

the typical Thai soup – Tom Yam!

two plates. me alone. heaven

cant recall the name

seafood paprik


soupy mee hon

mixed phad phit

complimentary salads and Thai sambal

mama’s Pattaya rice

And a green tea Frappuccino-look-alike with generous amount of toppings just did an extra justice. Best thing about it? Costs only 25bhat (MYR2.50). Yes, that cheap! Starbucks, you got a rival here, ecewah!

green tea! mine!

Mama’s- mocha

a street version of Moo Cow. Hahaha

Now mid semester break, please come faster. I want my aroy  mak dishes once again!

Would love to hear from you!

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