Courses Registration.. Sucks Big Time

To begin with a new semester means to start all over again with the courses registration thingy. With some technological aids which they claimed making life a bit more tranquiller, Universiti Malaya’s style is quite similar to others; online registration on the varsity’s portal. So, for sophomores and seniors we are scheduled to do so starting by today, 2nd of September.

Accepting the challenge, catalyzed by a long time brewed kiasu-ness, plethora of guffaws, I battled over my own sluggishness to get out of the bed very early in the morning to queue up unwearyingly for registration which is scheduled to start at 9am. And baaaaam! Upon the clock tickled sharply at 9, my not so anorexic fingers quickly clicked on the “PENDAFTARAN KURSUS ONLINE” button. Waited for almost 5 minutes to be directed to the login page where I have to key in my username and passwords. A couple of pages appeared before the REAL page came and my patience really drew down to the bottom, like literally. After some successful of registering one subject after another, the system went blank all over and it feels like you know… you are having some grim moment merging pieces of scattered paper puzzles, and when you’re almost done gushy wind comes to ruin it all. Yes, that feeling.

Well, a lot of yank stuffs appeared before I could even register like… 11 HOURS LATER! My goodness. The bothersome JERK process of registering was really annoying, leaving everyone in a perturbation state of mind, disclosed resentfully in Twitter (that for a moment we wished MyUM is trending over there). My sips of Caramel Latte wasn’t helpful at all in reducing the lunacy, and I failed everytime I tried to do something else in a meantime, because that senseless unsettled business really bothers my mind, A LOT. So, finally after the efforts (actually more to cursing) thanks God that it’s finally over (partially)!

Anyhowww, I’m taking these subjects for my new semester. This doesn’t yet include Media Law which is my internal elective because Law Faculty is too generous to register that subject for us, manually. And, the co-curriculum course where I’ve no idea why us the law students are not allowed to register, draining away my Senamrobic desire, sigh. So mind to do some Maths? Add another 5 credit hours in the schedule. Shhh, I know. It’s not really a good hello but I’m all geared up for these (not). 

sorry for the overdone effects 😛

And…you wanna see some lame joke? MYUM’s self-proclaimed improvement on the system.

Ha ha ha.

p/s To myUM, you are NOT getting any better! Hell no. This is my WORST registration ever! 


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