The Petronas Tragedy

Reminder: Don’t judge me before you fully read this! Not a flirt storyline, but something quite serious to ponder upon.

After picking up Tayn for a short date in the morning, I decided to stop by a petrol station to…well, isi minyak la kan. Just before we entered Petronas, at a very quick glimpse I caught a sight of blue-black Mercedes came out from the Proton building beside the Petronas. It was really none of my business until the Mercedes stopped at the tank next to mine. A late 20s guy in a stripped red shirt and black shades on, fairly good looking came out from the car. Oh la la.

“Let him go first lah, nanti he laughs at me sebab isi minyak tak banyak like his, Merce kot. Malu lah I, dah la handsome hahaha” I told Tayn.

“Eh mengarutlah you!”

But I hold onto my words. I waited for him to settle down at the counter then after convinced that he’s already at his car, I went out. Surprisingly, he was there once again, next to me hence my brain instantly puzzled yet still taking that positively. Then I returned to my car to realize a Bangladeshi was refilling his tank but I have to do it myself, slightly unfair.

“This is so ridiculous lah Tayn! Just because he drives a Mercedes, he had a guy to assist him but I’m a woman kot! This is such a gender discrimination!” oh yes, I do ramble stuffs wherever I go, whenever I desire -.-


“Hye. Eh you SEMENZA dulu kan?” from the ‘mysterious’ guy.

Still in surprised mode, but my brain quickly digests the question. Thinking that he might be a long-lost friend or something, I said:

“Ye saya. Sorry, but kita kenal ke?”

“Haa betul lah! I Sultan Ismail dulu, tepi SIC tu. Now you study di UM kan, studying law kan?”

I nodded.

“UM Law is one the best, my mom pun dari sana. She’s a lawyer now. I buat business, travelling”

Okay now, the moment he mentioned doing business I knew that something wasn’t right somewhere. Luckily, I didn’t do much talking and I’m done topping up my petrol after his long explanation which I didn’t even bother, so I excused myself. But the guy insisted.

“Eh nanti lah dulu. Here, you tengok gambar Pulau Perhentian ni. Ramai students UM ambil pakej dengan I kot, so kalau you nak boleh. Please, take my phone number”

“It’s okay I’m running late. Ada kereta nak masuk”

So I got into the car but before I managed to get out from Petronas, he BLOCKED my car and turned down his mirror. Oi! What gut has gotten into you la young man!? He shouted from his car with a desperate face “Please lah ambil number I! Please? Lepas ni you bagi I missed call”. To be honest, I won’t even entertain him if it wasn’t because of my bestfriend who insisted to do as he said. She’s worried that he might follow us and do something more aggressive.

“Okay I dah ambil your number after this I’ll give you a missed call. Move aside lah, kereta lain nak lalu”

He did like what I asked. Without further ado, I speed out of the Petronas and didn’t even bother to give him a call. However, he managed to advance my car so I slowed down so other cars will trail his Mercedes. Luck was on my side, managed to miss a traffic light when he’s already far in the front, leaving us behind.

somehow managed to capture the Merce
Now, what can you say about it? I only have one thought in my mind, that the guy is not having a good intention. Perhaps, he’s dealing with a syndicate to fool ladies around, by alluring them with a good-looking young man driving a high-end car. Not that I’m saying I am total zero-flirt person but on rationale thinking basis, I doubted a ‘businessman’ is able to humiliate himself approaching an unknown in a public place, begging her to accept his phone number? If he’s really a businessman why didn’t he try to approach everyone in that Petronas or the simplest thing ever for a businessman to do, handing in a business card? Just why he never did that? Why he had to desperately stop me when a real businessman can accept losing some slight luck?

Seriously, this kinda shaken my bravery as a woman. I can’t stop imagining a girl really gives him a call later on? Perhaps he’ll ask the girl out for a date, then culik her, rape her, sell her abroad, making her a sex-slave, prostitute whatnot, ripping off her organs for sale, etc. Nauzibillah. Such a bad thing for me to easily conclude him on the negative vibes, I know, but being a woman, extra precautions are indeed an immense necessity and of course we cannot trust a guy in a day!

On the part which he can name my education background correctly, the UM Law part is quite obvious because I had a UM Law’s sticker on my rear mirror. The only thing with no clue is the SEMENZA’s part but honestly I think he guesses the fact by luck. SEMENZA is the only well-known girl school in the state so naming it on a girl aint no big deal. Say if I negatived his question, perhaps he’ll come with a few other guesses and “oh I ingat you SEMENZA because you look so familiar”. Kan?

So I really hope that what I’ve experienced this morning is taken as a lesson to every single girl who reads this post. I’m quite confident to the idea that this is some sort of a syndicate regulating in the state, because after passing the traffic light, I saw the Mercedes stopped by a Maybank. Perhaps a new victim? We the women never know. We are not weak, but with a slight carelessness we may fall to men’s beaks.

p/s Don’t go to any petrol station, alone!

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