Summer Job – Action Song (Checked)

Remember when I wrote about me being a volunteer co-instructor in a kindergarten? Well, today my morning is filled with a momentarily pang of anxiety because it is the real battle day. Yup, the significant action song competition finally took place and being like a big sister who teaches these kids, I was more than wrecking nervous! Something like if you can describe it, vines in the belly intertwined to each other repeatedly each time my brain fidgeted on it that if I can stay long in a duvet and never got up, I will! For a moment I thought of infinity negative possibilities like what if they forget the steps? What if one of them falls sick? What if they accidentally scramble the tunes? Tougher than to debate you know! 

I reached the school a moment later to groom my princes and princesses, had breakfast with them. Finally, a well-groomed face, neat black and white attire with red bow to highlight, a paramount wearable confidence on display, a mellow tune, sweet scents, a whole kindie’s prayers – and the kids were never better, ready to break a leg. Upon reaching the venue, we were told that seven other schools are participating as well, and our turn was the ‘not-so-ong’ Number 4. I constantly reminded the kids to keep calm and relax though they appeared confidence than I was, while each of them came to me every single minute to touch up their make-ups a little bit, re-do their hairs, dab off sweat from the face (so cute!) and even to sit on my lap.

So, after three performances, they were up! Teacher Lina and Teacher Natrah told me though they have bountiful confidence planted in the kids, some uneasiness in their hearts weren’t easily ripped off. Once the background music were played in the air, I turn to my little sister Kiasyadiyahshe gave me a hint of the warmth-of-the-sun-kind of-smile and suddenly I knew that everything will be just fine. Really, some qualities of the smile I can appreciate; eventhough always in its presence I am weighed down by the consciousness that my deficiency in some perception debars me from undreamed of privileges, hehe. There you go! A very synchronized movement all along, loud projected voices, constantly smiling faces, ended up with loud applauses from the audience, my heart assuredly screamed out loud “MY BOYS AND GIRLS ARE SO GONNA WIN!!!” Mission partially accomplished! Checked.

Next, this is the best part ever, guys! The emcee honored a little girl to get onto the stage for an in-between performance but she ended up crying behind a pillar while the minus one is already on air. My kids, I must say the eleven of them got hyped, danced to the rhymes and started to sing along since the song was a well-known Indonesian nursery rhyme they happened to be really familiar with. And guess what? The emcee welcomed them upstage so they ran and once again, impromptu performance! The teacher got puzzled “MACAM MANA BUDAK BUDAK NI BERANI MACAM NI!!?” Well, you know. There is an unknown bravery lying beneath each soul, the places somewhere unknown and appearing only in moments of revelation. Perhaps those things we see in the few moments of intense emotion which come to us, we know not whence! Anyhow, some envious eyes must really swallow bitter hearts 😛 Again, I was proud as hell!

Anyway, I feel like squeezing this part short. ALHAMDULILLAH, we were crowned as the champion, ditching the closest rival from Amalin Aisyah Puteri School. Alhamdulillah. Reflecting in this random fashion, and strolling with no greater method, I knew the kids were beyond reasonable happiness. They were alive at that moment, and so far at any rate they can’t stop smiling and… squeezing me big hugs. Awww, I love them so much! Thank you boys and girls, for paying off my burnt summer time, early morning get-ups, because THIS worth thousands bigger times!

before showtime

my sister

congwatssss champ!

Please pray for us, we’ll be representing the Kota Bharu district in the state level, scheduled in September. 

At the moment, I am too happy to write. Mission accomplished. Chiao.

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