Giving Mooting a Try- My Sole Wish to Rethink

I’d never knew that I am so engrossed into mooting until my bestfriend Tayn (currently undergoing law studies in UUM) was acknowledged as the varsity’s official mooter. And, while I was doing some sort of spring cleaning in my room today, I found a sheet of moot question paper given by the JKOs back then in the orientation week (oh man… the Ariel’s one, just in case any of my colleagues happened to read this). All these while, I’ve silently adored a few names in my law school like Puteri Eleni, Matthew David, Nuraini Lau for their grandeur achievements in mooting but never that I thought to give it a try myself, since debates had really occupy most my time in UM. ‘Course, I had once signed up to compete in the internal moot competition with Syarifah as my partner but forlornly we withdrew ourselves because of The Great Gender Debate held in UTM- hence zero moot experience. Yes.
Oh, for those who have no idea of what mooting is all about, it is basically a hypothecal case argued by law students, resembling much into real trials in court with lawyers representing both respondent and plaintiff. Scary right? I know, I’ve watched a mooting video with Tan Sri Gopal Sri Ram being one of the judges and he practically ruined the mooter’s emotion throughout the speech delivering, asyik kena marah je no joke! If it was me I would probably running visible tears on top of shaking knees lah!
Anyhow, in my opinion, a good law student must be able to moot. No escape, it’s just a simulation to what we’re gonna face a few years from now on as an advocate/solicitor. That’s why having a little basic knowledge about what moot is and how to conduct one appears really handy dandy especially if one plans to practice!

Actually, I’m quite oblivious of the purpose jotting this down so I’m having this feeling right now that the post is really a somber one at mo, really going nowhere. To my bestfriend, I hope it crosses your mind to open this post because… initially it is to express my moral support for you cramped in words (though I doubt you having some time to read this post), but apparently I have no idea on how to portray my dandy feelings in supporting you so I guess I’ll just give you a call after this. Beforehand, all the best moi Cik Tayn for your mooting competition tomorrow, and be keen to fulfill your promise nak ajar me mooting after this, horight? Bye.

may the force be with you darling 😉

p/s Now that you know the title really got nothing to do with the content 😛

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