Buku Gewe

My little sister was selected to represent her kindergarten into an English-based competition. No vivid description can I give you at the moment, because honestly I really have no idea of what it is called but roughly the contestants have to arrange several English sentences making it to be a complete paragraph based on the clues given by the juries.

Since winning this will bring her to the next level held in Concorde Shah Alam, my sister is pretty serious about making some efforts. Henceforth, she asked my other sister to lend her some fable to nourish her vocabs, I believe. Brilliant elder sister consented by allowing the little to pick herself which one she favors the most. Since her room is not of a far distance from mine, I could roughly listened to their conversation and my head started to puzzle because as far as I’m concern, the earlier one only owns a massive collection of lovey dovey novels… nevermind.

And my guess was so right, nothing gone too far astray. Little Syadiyah came to my room showing the book she picked which was…
Image courtesy of Google

YEP. A thick teenage novel of love genre. Plus, in Malay. Really got nothing to do with the initial intention. She settled herself on the couch, ready to read the book when I asked:

‘What’s the book is all about?’

‘Oh. A kampong girl being kidnapped (focusing on her reading)’

‘Really?? I think you got it wrong.’

‘No! I am true (wrong vocab here but excuse her please, she’s still learning) ‘

Several minutes later, she came to me and said:

‘Yong, adik rasa buku ni bukan pasal culik lah. I think I am wrong.’

‘Really? Dah tu pasal apa?’

‘Buku gewe ni!’

OKAY, BUKU GEWE IT IS! -.-  Her impromptu word-pick cramped by belly laughing over here and I’m pretty sure she’s obviously saying that with a driving an innocent unicorn feeling, period!

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