Summer Job – Kindergarten

I’m not really into kids but I do have a thing with them. Apart from the way they reminisced back how I used to be that cute once upon a time (though my mom always deny the cute part), I really love to mingle with this innocent flock of people because for most of the time, they are obedient to my words and don’t debate like adults did. Or if they do, I’m the one who’s gonna win (little hmph here). Yes, I befriend small children because I don’t believe in all these life hierarchy thing of where you are an adult, it is not cool to mingle with kids. Absolutely utter bullshit. Anyone can be friends despite of ages, no? Be one, and it will actually amaze you how some kids could be so mature in a few thinking, whilst us in our 20s still crapping over pretty useless things. 

So this summer holiday, apart from attending my own dancing class which I did for fitness purpose, I became a regular trainer in a kindergarten. Why do I mention a trainer not a teacher? Because I am not an official teacher of theirs and teaching them Maths, Malay, English or the worst case, Laws (hahaha) is not what I did. What I did each and every single day is instructing the kids in their singing lessons for two hours, five times a week. Why do I mention became not work? Because this job is done voluntarily, I am not receiving neither allowances nor salary for that.

awww look at these lovelies! ‘Air-kotak’ break after a few rehearsals
If you love participating in voluntary jobs like this, you could always give several kid schools a call, asking if they have any volunteer vacancy to be filled. Very rarely they will ask you to submit a copy of resume or attending some sort of interviews. Since it is a voluntary job and they are the one who needed you, so…your participation is so much welcomed with a wide open arm! As for my case, this happens to be my second time ‘collaborating’ with the kindergarten after the one I did last year, so things are a lot easier in my case, especially my little sister is one of their students.

Anyway, to make it short, we are now working on five English songs and the kids will be having an action song competition with some other kindergartens by the end of next week. Phew, somehow I feel like I’m the one whose wrecking nervous over here -.- By the way, if any you happened to read this post, I do really appreciate your loveliness and willingness to pray us the best achievement parallel to the efforts we made. Please, include us in your du’a! Thank you!

p/s I highly recommend this kind of work! Such an escape from the usual flock we used to mingle in colleges or even life, stress reliever I kid you not! Now , by the time I am writing this, honestly I am not sleepy but the tickling clock is looking at me so weirdly, macam constantly reminding me that I’ve to go back to school tomorrow. So until the next post! Bye 🙂

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