Syi’s Taken

I grew up with my two other cousins, Asyiqin and Awanis during my childhood. We were (and still we are) the highlight of the big family because we are the only trio happened to be borne in the same year but different months, obviously, where Wawa is the eldest (Feb baby), Syi in the middle (October) and me being the youngest (Nov).

So as you could tell, there’s not even a single girl never had a conversation about love or marriage especially when we are in a flock of girlfies of our age, no? So do us three. I used to play kahwin kahwin with these two best cousin of mine, and growing up brought us to that kinda matured-but-gatal conversation everytime we met. Our guesses back then was Syi will be the first to get married, next is Wawa and you may correctly guess who’s the last person on the list! You are welcome.

And that is so right. Her jodoh called her earlier than the rest of us, so it is a celebration for us the big family during this holy month of Syawal.
“This is the bride-to-be, this is it this is it” probably the caption for Lan’s gesture.

And there you go, my cousin is someone’s bini right now.

My bestfriend Tayn went to the reception too and she left me a gem to remember by:

“This is the third reception of your family members that I went to”

“Apparently yes”

“Your big family very laku lah. Tradisi kahwin awal I must tell, I rasa you kahwin awal too”

CHOY! -.-


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