The Added Inches

Earlier this morning, I went to the mall with my brother, just to get rid of my boredom or having some moment to rollick, your interpretation decides. We were merely wandering around, ‘enjoying’ the flood of people doing last minute Raya shopping, the tortoise-marching traffic as most Kelantanese residing outside of the beloved state have started to occupy Kota Bharu, as well as enjoying Lagu Raya on air all along the way (yep, we were weird that way). Well, actually all these doesn’t excite me like it does in the first place, having a nugget of excitement but upon trapped in the traffic jam whilst the journey done was only 500m, the chocked ball of annoyingness gotten into me straight away.
Anyway, being in the mall (with nothing in my head of what to look for) we settled down in Vincci for a quick window shopping. The idea of getting any shoes didn’t really popped out in my mind, because I was constantly reminded of my prior Kurt Geiger’s purchase which left me being a total broke. But somehow, out of the blue, a pair of wedges and a pair of gladiator sandal rested in my hand, waiting for me to weigh the probability to own either one. Confused, I asked for my stiff brother’s opinion.

“Which one is better, the heels or the flats?” (displaying both in front of him)

“The later.”

“Why? This one got 20% off” (still defending the wedges)

“The later.”

Okay. I guess I’ll be getting the same answer if I asked a guy whose getting tired of waiting for almost 45 minutes. The solid dot intensify his indirect intention in stressing me to stop considering and buy one immediately. Okay he wants me to be hasty. Now, I need to solidify my choice. Which one which one? I haven’t bought (or even wore!) a proper flat shoe or gladiator for almost 6 months because the typical Kiasatina who’s obsessed with high heels is still there inside me, plus school will be starting in a month time so… yes. The later it is.
There it goes… a pair of beautiful nude gladiator flats is mine. Hehehe.
On the way back home.

“Do you personally as a guy prefer a lady in high heels or flats?”

“Whatever with no added inches on”

“Oh, and why is that?” 

“I think women are being hypocrite in high heels, why bother to add some more heights on?”

Ouch! He’s calling me a hypocrite?

“No, you don’t get it. We need high heels to overcome some of our insecurities and I believe that a pair of heels does the right magic in transforming someone’s body posture as well as helping her looking more elegant, more confidence”

“It’s painful right?”

“Kind of, but not really if you are used to”

“Women are equally stupid”

“Oi, no we are not! Have you ever heard of beauty is pain?”

“Sure I had. But why did you easily accept the philosophy? Just because you were born with the existing philosophy saying so, you just have to digest the gist of looking pretty requires some pain to be exerted on? If the philosophy doesn’t exist at the first place, would you rather bear the pain just to appear more attractive?”

I was about to drone out my point when he stopped me, “I don’t want to debate with a law student.”

No, if the philosophy wasn’t there at the first place, I believe that there’s always a first time for anything and I’ll be more than proud to be the one who invented ‘beauty is pain’” I silently replied, a voice that only my heart can hear.

Anyway, he got the point there.

An intense reply keeping my desire to collect more high heels goes asunder…not T.T

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