Ramadhan Muslim – My Little Sharing

Ramadhan Muslim
When I firstly read the phrase, I was like… OUCH! That hurts. Whilst the issue of Alvin and Vivian still keep on heating, the issue of “bacaan Quran 30 Juzuk” consumerism which became a hit on Twitter, this phrase makes me go “what’s next…” I wasn’t really sure of what it means because literally, that was my first time to know its existence but still, my wild assumption runs. I simply assumed Ramadhan Muslim refers to an individual who becomes more pious and performing good deeds, amal jariah and whatnot more in Ramadhan as compared to any other normal months. Like, if someone didn’t put on hijab in normal months but she does in Ramadhan, someone who barely making steps to the surau or masjid in normal months but becomes a frequent visitor in Ramadhan, someone who found it’s hard to read even a surah in normal months but trying hard to khatam the whole Quran in Ramadhan, yes all those kind of things.

I personally think this is so discouraging. Have the screwers ever heard of the saying “a little is better than nothing”? If Ramadhan is the small stepping stone for someone to make a change in his or her life, then is there any casual right for us to screw them along the journey? Since the idea was obviously so appalling, some could scarcely pretend this was humorous- and eventually spent their lives working hard to maintain a status-quo of blinkered blandness (which I regard a big shame to the society).

On the other hand, to exactly know what’s going to happen in the future is always the first thing we wished, but the last thing we’ll ever had, so little that I know we are never going have an idea on what’s happening tomorrow or the day after. Perhaps by doing little deeds with a very sincere niat Lillahitaala in Ramadhan, that someone will constantly be so or even improving better in future? We never know! So screwing others on their noble journeys seems to be the most peculiar condition here, it made us malevolent no, because it took longer and longer to snap out of it. Instead, if we could have relaxed a bit it might have been harmonious, this sort of heavy, custardy fog of immobility.

Indeed, we are not perfect ourselves. Just imagine you trying to put on hijab for the first time in Ramadhan, not only to respect the holy month but trying to make it permanent on yourself. Then some bad-mouths talk behind your back trying to dot your efforts, I bet it’s a big offence there. Even worse, if that stops your pure intention, then who is there to blame? US, the irresponsible society?

Anyway, just to seize this a little bit. As it seems to us the term is quite offensive, so try to avoid it from goring to us. Simply mean, don’t be one. It’s not appropriate for us to make an excuse such it was so soothing to be so only in Ramadhan that the battle normally inside us was, at least for the moment quelled. No, it doesn’t work that way. Why would a slave like us stops from performing His orders on the basis that “this is not Ramadhan?” Aren’t we supposed to upgrade not downgrade ourselves from time to time? Aren’t we supposed to take lessons from the 4 weeks of mercy, 30 days of worship, 720 hours of spirituality, 43 200 minutes of forgiveness and 2,592,000 seconds of happiness in Ramadhan? Aren’t we?

So being a Malaysian particularly, I understand how emotional our society is. And when I said society, it includes us because we are part of the society. Honestly we have no force to stop people from creating or spreading words which we later turn to be emotional if it hits us. So think this way, if we didn’t become one, then we have no reason to be emotional, terasa, butthurt (geeee sorry) etc, make sense right? Simple rule.

To conclude it all, being constantly good and well-behaved outside of Ramadhan is not an option for us, yet it is a must. It is not like to get some kind of visitation permission, it is there for us 365 days annually. Islam is GREAT! And yes, Ramadhan Muslim should be abolished, I rest my case 😉

Salam Ramadhan Kareem!

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