Sabah Part 2 – Kundasang Farm Plantation and Desa Dairy Farm

I was in Sabah for roughly five consecutive days. Friday to Tuesday. I know that sounds like I had a long stay there and explored so many beautiful places in Sabah no? But I wasn’t! We weren’t! After losing in Quarter on Monday, what’s left for us is another Tuesday to explore Sabah to the max! So what we did was getting two cars for the seven of us (managed to get a Rav4 and a Myvi) and we were good to go to… Kundasang!  
From Kota Kinabalu, nearby the One Borneo Shopping Complex to be exact, it took about one and a half hour to reach Kundasang. Being ambitious, everyone vowed to wake up before the Fajr (before 5am) so that we could make it for sunrise along the mountainside. Apparently, I didn’t know that Fajr in Sabah changed to 7.30am on that particular Tuesday! LOL. So, with everyone being so sleepy, especially the one who cannot stand even a short roadtrip like me, slept soundly along the journey leaving Duwei and Qayyum to drive correspondingly.
The moment I woke up, we were already reaching the downhill of Mount Kinabalu. I suggested that we have a breakfast because none of us actually began the journey with some snacks layering our hungers. Qayyum obeyed and took us to a café named Garden Café. Oh please, put aside the expectation of the one in One Utama or Midvalley please because the foods were so bad! Upon glaring at the menu, there wasn’t actually a single food that caught my eyes what else my tummy so I decided not to eat. Yes, I am that kiasu in selecting meals. But, they insisted me to order something because up there, there won’t be any more cafes available. Henceforth, a set of toast with kaya together with half-boiled eggs it is. Sadly, the toast (which I expected to be gardenia for at least) doesn’t look like a toast so I barely ate one, and the eggs weren’t delivered even when everyone finished their foods :/ I know it sounds so wrong to put even a minor criticism on foods as we are supposed to be grateful but this merely to express how a café located within a tourist spot should put more efforts in serving better foods, no? You surely hate labeling don’t you?
Well then, it was roughly at 10am when we reached Ladang Teh Kundasang. My expectation was a tea tree plantation alongside with berries and veges but again…it went astray with bushes of hopes of course! It was nothing like Cameron or Bandung but I was told that the plantation was newly operated for tourists to pay a visit so the maintenance is still below the par. That makes sense. Overall, the view was still “Instagram-able” and you could fill the crispy chill slowly gashing your bones like the one we experienced in Europe’s summer. That’s hyperbole I know.
So, one final destination before we have to gush to the airport catching our 5pm flight. And you know being in Borneo requires a lot of miserable checkups before you could eventually pass the security boundaries, so that urges us to be there earlier. On majority, everyone agreed to go to Kundasang Dairy Farm where people claim to have a spectacular New-Zealand-resembled kinda view. Ahh that was the only place I could barely smile in honesty! AT LAST! Not that it is so New-Zealandly articulated but the view was so spectacular, healthy green grass growing as far as your vision could see, and the white-blacky cows were too cute to handle! We literally camwhored for a long time there before went ahead to their milk processing factory to try some milk. There were souvenirs, junkies and several types of milk such as the original, chocolate, goat’s milk and whatnot. I wasn’t a dairy person but surprisingly the milk there was acceptable by my system! So nice lah. Everything was considered okay for a 4bucks entering fee but I wish they could be more considerate on the idea to serve the visitors experiencing real “perah-susu” moment! Bet it’ll attract more and I’ll be the first to volunteer myself if it does!

Here’s some pictures to feed you out there!

the tea hills


taking you to the ladang lembu now


but smelly too…

yours truly looking like a miserable…one. i dont know

and nearly as chubby as adie..
place to cheer me up a lil bit

real deal! sodap!

That’s all I can write, I’m not in my healthiest condition now but I’m so keen to update my little Bloom. Cough. Oh, to conclude it all, maybe the fact that I was unable to explore Sabah like truly exploring, eating the real foods they actually able to offer, hence I cannot rate Sabah exceeding two stars. Anyhoo thanks Sabah for the experience! Perhaps on my second visit (If Allah Wills) im gonna stipulate a revolution to my thoughts? Who knows!

Bye and Salam Ramadhan Kareem.


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