Sabah Part 1 – Waterfront and Jesselton Bay

I really love the idea of going for some sweet escapes after a terrible time I’d undergone. Somehow it feels like self-rewarding for being a good girl, no? Usually, this happens to fulfill post-exams’ claim, and this time around I went to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
To be honest, I paid zero ringgit from head to toe (which I mean the flight tix, accommodation and whatnot) because I went there for a debate competition called Debat Perpaduan. That was my second time representing UM for this debate, for last year’s I was in the team with Adam, Kheng Fai and Qayyum. This time, me and Qayyum were the constant two, and the other two changed; Adie and Janise Then. Unluckily for us, we won 5 out of 6 rounds in the prelim but lost to UKM in the Quarter Finale. To be honest again, I wasn’t expecting too much for Perpaduan because I haven’t debated quite long, and with zero preparation since we went there right after the finals ended, henceforth breaking the prelim is considered a big luck. My god, I’M BAD WITH HONESTY!

Whatever with the debate chapter. Here comes my anticipated part to tell you guys. Before that, Sabah was the only state in Malaysia I never went before either with my family or friends, so I was rather excited (even though I didn’t really show it that time haha). Due to the strictness of competitions we had to undergo, all left for us was only a day to explore Sabah. Deep inside, I hope I went there with my darling Intan or Serra, or Mira and Qeela but what can I do… life’s too short to complain on a free trip.

There were only three places we managed to visit, apart from One Borneo (a very nearby mall to the place we stayed). The night after losing in Quarter Finale, we went to the waterfront, which I thought Pasar Philippine at the first place. Seafood hunt was what we aimed once Azzairi decided to go there. Of course, being an offshore state, I do expect more from Sabah’s seafood but the vice versa happened. The seafood weren’t really fresh, dirty eating places, not to mention the pricy ringgits we have to pay! One kilo of sotong costs 80bucks, and we ordered seven different menus, now you make the count. My taste buds can’t really cooperate well with how the foods taste, but well, it is rather unfair to compare Borneo’s foods to the Peninsular, so telan only lah.

Next Qayyum brought us to Jesselton Bay. After emptying our wallets paying for the pricy foods, we asked him to bring us to a place where we can lepak, a place where Sabahan youngsters gathered around during the night. He triggered our happiness when he claimed he’ll bring us to Sabah’s Rasta but what happened upon reaching there… yes, an indah khabar dari rupa thingy. LOL. But it’s okay Qayzr, we weren’t there purposely not to really hang around but we want to surprise Azzairi for his birthday! The surprise was a successful one although we minta maaf from Azzairi for our failure to go to the final stage of the debate. Of course, comparing the price of battling on the final stage to the surprise we threw upon him that night was too sad to mention! We knew he wanted us to be on the final stage on his birthday but luck wasn’t on our side!

However, to describe Jesselton Bay in a few words, it is a place where Sabahan youngsters really lepak. There was a futsal court in it and karaoke centre if I am not mistaken. Since the place was actually a huge food court, it caters a number of restaurants alongside the bay. What caught my attention there was a telephone booth resembles one in London but I didn’t snap any picture of it sebab I rasa cliché! LOL.

Here’s some pictures to feed you! But the seafood mo only!

Go fishy!

Crabs lover will definitely go mad


Seriously you cant have enough of all these

weighing our giant squids

Marcuz Duwei and Adam

Lovely Janise and Afzal

Real deal! Freshly blend juices in gigantic glass! Lavvit to max! Mine was the pink one; dragonfruit

Half of the foods ordered

Deep fry sweet sour fish
Now, am i making you hungry? Because I am. Posting a food post during fasting hour. hmmm


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