Almost The End

Minutes tickled on, hours passed by, days been replaced, weeks by weeks, and out of the blue I realized that the semester almost reached it’s end, very soon. It feels like yesterday that I made my first step into law school and to be honest, being part of law school is the being thing ever happened to me. One step closer to be what I wannabe, In Shaa Allah. And a slap of reality…one year of it is almost over!

Good thing, second year’s waiting.
Bad thing, final exam’s coming! *sigh*

Despite of another week full of back-to-back coursework presentations, till this point all that I can summarize is this semester is really a tough one. Well, at least to compare with the first semester of course. Taking 8 subjects in a semester is no joke! Yet, thru thick and thin, it turns out to be I’MPOSSIBLE! 

So, the checklist of what-to-do for the upcoming finals:

#1 – Not to skip the final week of classes. Hints and tips will usually pop out.
#2 – Go back home and have some rest. For some people this might not help but as for me, study week at home works the best because… I got all the positive vibes around me!
#3 – Settle all debts – the yuran pengajian!
#4 – Ensure all notes are well-prepared. Throughout the semester, we have already prepared our notes kan so just go thru it and top up a lil bit. 
#5 – Heart cleansing. Despite everything, this is the most essential one. Seek forgiveness and forgive others, aside from keeping in touch with The Almighty, He’s THE BEST HELPER we can ever rely on!
#6 – Musics! For homo sapiens like me, to study without a tune rolling in the ears is an awkward moment. So by this time I’ll usually download all the good musics I lavvv so when revising, I’m eargasm-ing! can it be? LOL

I don’t know. I can only think of six.

Good day and good luck!

Would love to hear from you!

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