So I Attended Proms

Attending proms could probably be the most exciting and most awaited thang we mark in our calendar. I understand the enthusiast, but this time around i wasn’t as excited as I used to be. Less preparation for the attires, like literally, I wasn’t really prepared. Out of three proms I attended this year (actually I would love to name a prom and two dinners because prom is only meant for my lawschool and dinners are meant for the college haha) but let’s be fair enough…

But to wrap it all, everything glides on quite smoothly, minus the foods, it was really great to capture moments with seniors and pals in the varsity. My first prom was Lawnite held in Renaissance Kuala Lumpur, second one was 4th College Dinner (this one was an invitation, I am not a resident of 4th college apparently) in Summit USJ Hotel, and lastly my 12th RC dinner in Dorsett Grand Subang Jaya. Quite pissed off for the locations of two later hotels, I am not familiar with Subang area, preferably in Kuala Lumpur.

What came first to your mind? The Ted Baker clutch is it? Same thang all way round, grateful for it’s multipurposeness (if this word existed).
I told you I wasn’t prepared, so my attires were all simple and having no wow factor.
But above all, I love the Chanel’s pearl necklace mom lend me. That’s all.

Bye. xx

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