That Instagram Kinda Thing

Instagram is a big tsunami in the IT world. With its easy to access photo sharing (also photo filtering), there is no big wonder why Instagram was bestowed as 2012 most popular apps because of its number of downloads. Either among iPhone or Android users (Blackberry-ians, I’m sorry :P)  Instagram is quite to say… a must have apps in the phone, kan? And to be honest, I am an avid fan of Instagram myself! Instead of tweeting as the first and foremost morning routine, mine had switched to scrolling my IG’s timeline to catch the latest trend of fashions, miraculous looking foods, what is my favourite people doing, and whatnot. Sampai macam tu sekali!

But.. up to certain points I dislike few phenomenons occurring due to the existence of Instagram!


The most annoying one goes to… the phenomenon of MENJILAT! I’ve no idea if this term really exists in the society but it is what I used to use/listen in my debate family haha! According to my own understanding dictionary v4.0 updated 2013, it means flattering (membodek) la. Some sort of sweet-talking, praising and cajoling in unreasonable amount. It never happens to me though but regularly regulating in famous public figures’ comment box ie actress, actors, singers, fitness guru, beauty guru etc.

These people got extra lucky when one people honestly give an honest comment (too bad it is not really a pro one), loads of penjilats will back her/him up with the intention to appear calming in the eyes of the public figure. WHAT LAH. 

Example 1 is like this:

We assume my bestfriend as a man and we are married okay. (EXAMPLE ONLY TAU!)

Person 1: Sweet je u all ni.
Person 2: Hihihi.. dah lama kahwin, bila nak dapat baby nya kak K?
Person 3: Hoi Person 2! Agak agak la tanya soalan pun.
Person 1: Ntah Person 2 ni.. jangan nak sebuk jaga tepi kain orang.
Person 24: Ye la Person 2! Bersyukur je la Kak K nak share gambar, tak yah la tanya soalan offensive!
Person 2: Saya tanya je, tak ada niat apa apa.
Person 6/7…192: Macam ni la jadi penyibuk kan Kak K? Jangan ambik hati sangat, pedulikan je Person  2.
Person 1: Ye.. betul tu. Doakan Kak K dapat baby cepat k?

Example 2:

First attempt wearing hijab. Thank you Aidijuma for the lovely bawal! (contoh)

Person 1: Moga istiqamah ye..jangan harini berhijab esok tak.
Person 2: Manis nye…
Person 3: Person 1 apa kau nak? Biarlah Kak K slowly belajar bertudung. Kan?
Person 4: Ntah person 1. Kena la tunggu hidayah untuk istiqamah.
Person 630: Kesian Kak K…bawak bersabar ek dengan komen Person 1.

See? How bad things can be? Yeah, offensive in the eyes of each individual is different but, please… calm down lah people. Person 2 is not even talking about us. And most importantly why bother to back up especially the public figure doesn’t even owe us a thing? Didn’t we have loads of useful things to do? Whilst she/he doesn’t even bother to join the comment box? THINK.


Phenonemon number two is rather popular i think.

It’s called the “HASHTAG” phenomenon! #lulz

As easy as it goes with its usage, this second problem is easier to explain I guess. hashtag is a word or a phrase prefixed with the symbol # , a form of metadata tag (wikipedia source). I firstly found this in Twitter where it was created to mark keywords of a topic. And yes I do admit it is fun to use hashtag because it is like… no excessive words are needed to explain a caption.

Thing is, when itself goes excessive… that’s the annoying part. It goes like this:

Me and my coursemate Mimi. 
#ootd #whiteZaraTop #Forever21Jeans
#NicchiShawls #ConverseSlingBag
#KissNTellWedges #love #comfy
#iPhone5 #Apple #technology
#FamilyLaw #Datin #favourite #law
#study #studentslife #tuesday #bestie
#life #laugh #nerdie #SincerelybyUs

and the hashtag list goes on!

Annoying kan! #lulz Sikit sikit is enough =) I understand sometimes kita macam lost words in giving captions and hashtags appear to be handy. But, control its amount lah so that ‘catching my breath’ moment could be reduced when people is reviewing our picture.

So…that’s what I can figure out from Instagram. To conclude it all, especially in the radius of being a Malaysian, I think these stinky phenomenons should be abolished from our norms! To have fun is one thing but let’s portray our intelligences through the fun stuffs, okay? This is a reminder for me also, not to be neither a penjilat nor excessive hashtag-er on Instagram! 

See ya!

p/s My IG : kiasatinaothman


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