Successfully SPM-ed. What’s Next? [Part 1]

I believe that SPM result day is just around the corner. If i were you SPM leavers, I would feel rather pathetic at these moments, perhaps unable to eat well nor sleep well, despite the fact that I might be feeling quite confident in certain subjects 😛 But anything could happen isn’t it? Anything could happen…anything could happen~ (chanting Ellie Goulding’s hit. Sorry)

Adiks adiks, have you planned your path well? Put aside the results thingy, it is a matter of possibility and also destiny.  You cannot really put thoughts depth into it, trust me. At this time, you must set your mental really steadily and be sure to pray to The Almighty 🙂 Anyway back to the path thingy, I am quite confident to say that at this moment you already have your dream ambition in mind as the basis (and cliche lah nak jadi doktor, engineer, lawyer etc…durh boring..) But perhaps there might be some (or dare I say majority of you) DID NOT KNOW WHAT COURSE YOU SHOULD GO AFTERWARDS! Whattodo whattodo?? Sorry for exaggerating, but here I come people,handy mandy me.

First and foremost, I would love to stress here that our paths are all different. So what might be good for me, might not be good for you. Merely sharing experiences here, brothers and sisters.

#1 –  Chose wisely your ‘pre-U’ phase

Ever heard that SPM is everything in your life? No no, it’s not. I would rather say foundation phase is the most vital part of all. Especially when you are taking path like mine (PASUM) which it does not yet specify which area you’re gonna be in sooner or later. It could be the top courses if you do well but it could also be a main campak course if you play well. But if you are taking specific IB, A-levels, AUSMAT or whatnot like most of my close spouses did, you might end up with courses you wish because they are more well-focused. 

But foundation programmes or matriculation, it does not work that way. It is so crucial to score well during foundation phase because it’s going to determine your future!

So adik adiks, in choosing this phase, you should really follow your instinct. NEVER EVER follow your friends’ pathways. Just because your bestfriend is choosing IB, you wanna end up doing IB too, or A-levels or apa apa jelah. I know it’s glamorous to undergo these abroad pre-U programmes but you know your own capacity and trust me, no one knows yourself better than you! Like when I was 18, I got the offer to pursue my studies in Japan so automatically preparation for mechanical engineering for me lah kan. It’s Japan kowwwt why choose UM over Japan? Easy. I know my own capability and most importantly I wanna do law not engineering. Thus, I challenged myself that I’m gonna do law, in the best law school in Malaysia, in the number one university in Malaysia…if I am not meant to be abroad.

So bear in mind… this is the MOST crucial part where there is NO U-TURN once you’re in. Semak balik UPU application okayh, and sooner you’re gonna fill in the SPC, JPA programmes and so forth.. be careful.

I would love to write further but time constrained me. (like always, i am curi-ing my tutorial time!) I will come back ASAP with more tips. Hint: know your interest, keep up to date, and many more tips! I’m gonna write them all.

Till then. Lavvyyy lavvy :*

Would love to hear from you!

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