Assalamualaikum and wishing everyone a very happy weekend!

Phew. Long time not to write a single thing in here. Actually I scribbled a number or two of ideas in my journals, just sketching a lil bit of the brain’s products on the empty small canvas, but time constrained me from doing all these things. Been really busy! Not lying.

So I guess it’s like I am already in my 4th week for the new semester. Gucci how time flies! And activities were so cramped into tiny times. Settled two debates tournies (without winning, Oh God that’s terrible), month of sports (healthy Kiasatina is HEALTHY), urmm the on going lawsoc’s programme and whatnot. Phew!

And talking about how time really flies, another event I’m looking forward to next week is the SPM Result Day! Perhaps my lil brother should really be tensed out with the heartbeats and pressures by now. I set out a rule for him that in order to get his ever-craved Michael Bastian apparels (which he claimed I promised to give but  never did!) he should score higher than my SPM results. Meaning it has to be straight 10A+’s! In my brother we trust! HOYEAH.

Actually my main purpose of posting today is to inform to you guys that I’m currently having a second blog which is THIS. I’m not really planning to completely moving by now but..perhaps it’ll be in a slowmo? Or perhaps that would be my second blog which focuses more on serious matters, current issues and whatnot. I love those serious writing actually so centralizing it would be a great thing since this blog dah sangat cacamarba! Awh.

That’s about it. I’m settling my contracts tutorial now. 

Till then. Lavv lavv.

Would love to hear from you!

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