#3- The New Semester

We went back from a month holiday, to our beloved varsity like nearly a week ago. When I scrolled down my Twitter timeline, I could see exticedness were splashing over and over, eagerness were pouring from most of the campus people. So, well…it was kinda lightening up the spirit of having another semester aye?


And me too, I was quite thrilled to start another semester in law school. It has always been a tiring place to squeeze the brains to the max, sacrificing hours of sleeps (thou in the end it will always worth it). Despite all these, to make it a ‘give and take’ kind of stuff, the faculty has been renovated (and still renovating) for about 2 millions MYR and the Dean claimed that those were for the students’ comfort purpose. New hot/cold vending machine, new black and white toilets upgraded with jet blade dryer (proud to say that it is only faculty in the campus having these), new moot court, classrooms furnished with custom made desks and chairs, Pink corner upgraded to a glass closed-room with TVs sofas massage chairs etc, new tables with drawers in lecture hall, Kopitiam oriented cafe, renovated Auditorium as well as conference room, and whatnot… OH GOODNESS my faculty is getting even better!


Knowing that all these physical upgrades had been fought since many years ago, and we are the first batch being blessed with all these, I am really really grateful. Maybe because of the existence of more powerful authorities in the faculty? We got YDP MPPUM in the house, as well as the smart Law Society president, and perhaps many not knowing the one influential retired alumni who never stops fighting for the faculty 🙂


So know, with all these new/upgraded facilities provided to us, there is no space for lame excuses as such not to study taking place. The whole lawfac is now on a very high standard physical achievement. Standing ovation.


But, on the other side, combining all the mental, emotional and character achievements, I honestly think that we are still below the par. Not to point to anyone, it could also be me, it could also be the authority, it could also be the rest of us, but let’s take this seriously. When the Bar and the society claimed that law students generally are getting weaker and weaker nowadays, I see the relevancy to what had been proclaimed by our Dean; weak English communication. Why? Because communication is a medium which obviously portrays what’s in our brain, how critical our thoughts are, how clear we are in giving explanations and most importantly how in manner do we really express our ideas. And all these gonna affect our daily lives when we communicate to others. That’s why, from my observation (and even myself sometimes), when we were asked for questions/opinions/suggestions, the situation will be like a precious gold is hiding in our mouths! But, when it comes to criticizing other people works, complaining, suddenly our volumes go to peak! Konon we are VAST in claiming for rights lah. Sad thing.


So maybe ethics and manners are two big prospects that we overlooked all these while. And do not blame the society claiming for the weak word thrown towards us, because they would say they see. Supposedly, on our part, we should upgrade ourselves even better since all these while, we failed to portray an image and ethics as a lawyer-to-be. 


Put the blames on us. All of us know that studies in the faculty is like bunch of impossible cray cray things, scoring an A is another ruthless matter, so let’s emphasize on the other side of being a law student. The mentality+emotional+character build ups! 


Kita tidak bodoh, bukan?



Salam 🙂


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