#2- Of Weddings and Buddies

To loosen a bit, I am not that old. Teehee. Still in my 20’s, early 20’s supposed to be right. So anyway, that day when us the nation of University of Malaya went back home for semester break, I had an invitation to a wedding. A wedding of my previous schoolmate for both primary and secondary. She wasn’t actually the first one among my friends to get married though, she was the second. But consider me having two different high schools, so in the batch of my first high school, she was apparently the first πŸ™‚

Anyway, I can’t lie for the excitedness that hit me by that time! Yelah, your friend is getting married kot. And it went really smooth, uniting our long lost batchmates. Haha! I went there with my bestfriend, Tayn of course. Oh yeah so since this is my first time writing about Tayn in my new blog, dear readers, we were bestfriends for about 8 years, and of course I am looking forward the eternity. Can eh? Wtv.

The wedding was held in Dewan Perniagaan China Kota Bharu Kelantan, and a day after Chinese New Year, i think! I’m not sure of the theme of the wedding sebab apa I tahu, it was so pretty! Nadia and her husband wore off-white that day, complimentary to the pelamin. The foods were Malay cuisines though it was done in a Chinese hall πŸ˜› Anyway, everyone had a good time there and of course…the best part would always be the moment-capturing part!

The one who shared loads of emotions with me for 8 years πŸ™‚
I’m looking so awkward aye in this picture?
Ootd – Custom made modern kurung, rainbow vawals from Kelantan, cheap brooches, cheap Bonita clutch, Aldo heels (unseen)
my cousin πŸ™‚
Us the classmates with the gorgeous bride!

Wishing you happiness with your husband, dear Nadia. Now go make cute babies!

p/s Please get married earlier so that I can attend your wedding πŸ˜›


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