#1- Just to Say Hello!

Hello there!


So basically I’m not a newborn to all these blogging thingies, BUT a newborn to WordPress, I am. I used to write, sharing thoughts, occasions I’ve gone thru my life, the sweet and the bitter part of it and so forth.. here in my old blog. However since recently when I am in charge of the blog to one of the student’s bodies I participated in my law school, and we decided to try out WordPress instead of the typical Blogspot, my heart really caught on this! Easier I think.


So, just a quick ice breaking session for me to say hello, I’m spilling bits of my background here.


Number 1 – I am a Muslim, and I am not a terrorist. 

Number 2 – I am a 20-ish, not really a teenager, I wish I’m more on the adult part because it’s way cooler.

Number 3 – I read law in University of Malaya. Please, I aint a stock of nerdie who eyes on books 24/7, get the perception erased please.

Number 4 – I love good country musics, savory foods, pale colors, debates, and arts.

Number 5 – My perception always goes like this. In order to be looked and adored, a girl has to be a woman in the sense of well educated, classy in thoughts and look, as well as portraying respectable manners. But for most of the time, wearing your own self is the best skin 😉


That’s about it. Not gonna nag and drag long. 


I will blog…erm,randomly about stuffs I feel like sharing (serious and non serious one). And since I am a Malaysian and our mother tongue is the Bahasa Melayu, I will blog in Malay too! Bahasa jiwa bangsa isn’t it?


Lastly, let’s pray this will last long. Ameen. 


Au revoir!


Would love to hear from you!

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