Ideal Life Partner

Holla! I started my morning today with an oral test which is required to all of us. The topic given to me by Madam Zarina was “Ideal Life Partner”. 

So rasa macam murah nak berkongsi dalam blog about what I’ve blabbered for 5mins this morning.
AMARAN : Ini draft semata-mata, the speech delivered by me this morning wasn’t 100% accurate to this one, I’ve blabbered lagi banyak I think 😛

 Ladies and gentlemen,
Being a woman myself in this 21st century, the need to struggle for a stable career and also undergoing love life as normal as possible has always been a highlighted dilemma. Many end up being single, because of the impossible characteristics underlined by them. Hypothetically, the more successful a woman is, the higher benchmarks are set for a guy to be an ideal life partner. However, despite the fact that technology and science have made much positive advancement, through cosmetic alterations and amplified finances, the advancement of a woman’s desire to be provided for, protected, cherished, honored and loved has remained the same for thousands of years. I would love to authorize the meaning of ‘ideal’ given by Charles Dickens which stated that ideal refers to a conception of something that is perfect, especially that which one seeks to attain. Conceptually to me, ideal is accomplished when all desired standards are being fulfilled.

Speaking of my own capacity, the first and foremost measure for my ideal life partner is, intelligence. As for me, I began gravitating to more intelligent guys that had charisma rather than the one with good look. When it comes to looks, women are typically more forgiving than men. I tend to believe that the first thing that attracts a man to a woman is her looks. On the other hand, a woman wants a man who comes off as intelligent, powerful, and strong. People, I am not alone when it comes to this. A study conducted by Hatfield & Sprecher, two senior lecturers in Department of Psychology in University of North Carolina, found that 55% of women are more attracted to man with intelligent trait. Discoursing intelligence, it is rare for us to set a date with a guy who scored 170 above in their IQ tests but, intelligence is reflected throughout management of life, educational background, interactions with other people and of course, the ability to be the top of cream. Why this quality is put on priority is because, smarter people tend to manage well in their life and favorable with almost all people, thus automatically ensuring a brighter future together. Brain is sexy, enough said!

Secondly, an ideal life partner is also someone having a high maturity level portrayed by emotional and mental stabilities. Often this trait is found in older man compared to man of the same age or younger because they have undergone longer phase of life, although some might debate on the fact that age does not reflect maturity. But, an interesting fact I caught from reading Venus versus Mars is that, man’s thinking level is not parallel to their age. Instead, it is three years younger than their actual age. Meaning to say, if a guy you are dating is 20 years old, his thinking level is only of a 17 years old guy, so don’t be surprise of their immature acts! Overall, studies suggest that while mature men may have no advantage when it comes to one-night-stands, they’re more likely to attract women for long-term relationships. 

Thirdly, an ideal life partner for me is someone with a high sense of humor. Well, guys, you could be the expectorating image of Robert Pattinson, have all the confidence in the world, and have a trust fund that would make Donald Trump envious, but without personality you’ll fail to be a woman’s dream. Surely, when looks and brains are on track, character is not something to left behind. When I said having the sense of humor, I am not dreaming to date a comedian like Dane Cook or locally Johan, but a guy of my own who can make me laugh throughout days and night would hit the sack! Why? Because women love to have fun! Rigidity, nerd, and not being able to communicate are such a minus point for an ideal guy. Again, based on a case study by Bressler, Martin, & Balshine, three super-hot professors in University of Purdue, concluded that 77% of women in United States of America honestly prefer a guy with a good humored nature, so yeah…better start develop one please.

Last but not least (even though I don’t want to put a stop yet but the time is being rigid) my last point for an ideal life partner is the good look. Okay, I know that I stressed out the non-essentialness of being good looking at the first place but talking about the capacity of an ideal life partner, I am trying out my best to sort out the best four perfections to fulfill the word IDEAL. Since an ideal partner is someone who we are seeking for to share our lives together, forever, my dream too is to have a handsome man with lean body as a partner. Let’s us all admit the fact that when we met a stranger, the first thing we came upon judgment is their physical looks. Nonsense to say if honesty or even modesty are the first to be detected. For sure, bright smiles, sparkling eyes, sharp nose, perfect height, six pack, and whatnot do skip our heart a beat. So it is impossible to say that we deny the needy for a good-looking partner! And..the best bench mark? Taylor Lautner for at least!

I look at a couple of things when I meet a guy for the first time. Does he appear confident, what does his posture say, how is he dressed, does he have too much gel in his hair, is he overweight? If his shirt is open, I don’t want to see chest hair! I also notice his watch and shoes, believe it or not. And trust me I’m not the only woman who pays attention to that stuff. But in the end, when we are so much into a person, could be me or could be you, believe it or not, the underlined measures as such handsomeness, economically stability, intelligence, or even good sense of humor, remain as mere characteristics we had ever underlined before we met our Mr or Mrs Right. I know I’m sweet, thank you!

Maaf la kan, memang skema. Memang.

Dan maaf, grammar tunggang langgang 😛

Dan maaf, penipuan facts juga 🙂


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