Cabaran Debat Muda 2121

I was, off to UTP for a couple of days to attend a debate tournament there. For its first time being organized by the UTP Debate Club in conjunction with MADUM, that was too my first time participating in a debate as an anchor. Yes. Anchor. I was conducting a team of junior debaters who were absolutely new, caught from Debat FESKUM that day. Adam was conducting another team of junior.

Epul (who are not really a junior I guess), Nasri and Anwar were destined to be my teammates this time. It felt so awkward when the kids panggil me Kak Kia when in reality, I am just on par to them. Nevermind. To be honest, my intention attending the debate was to skip a community trip to aborigin village in Johor. Because I don’t feel like going but if I merely gave an excuse to attend LCC, that wouldn’t be accepted by my dear lecturer so mahu tak mahu I have to go to Perak for this. That’s how it rolls. 

But what boosted a bit of the spirit was the norm of the debate itself lah kot I guess. I love debate which revolves with technologies, sciences and innovations because that’s what I learn the least in law school! So out of the box lah sikit, not too ‘heavy’ like what we digested in classes. Haha. 

Again, when in dissatisfaction and frustration upon being distincted from Adam, I blame the whole world for this. That’s where my mistake lies. I often being commanded by my typical teammates who were Adam and Adie in each tournie, without believing in my own capabilities. So this time, the coach wanted us to learn something when we acts as the anchor for an absolute different teams. Mencarut i dalam hati hanya Allah yang tahu.

We didn’t manage to break the prelim round, yes we didn’t. But Adam and I got something better. Allah is THE BEST PLANNER.

New faces for Orator UM 🙂

Alhamdulillah 🙂
Azzairi Rosle, the legend, the coach, the very responsible super senior! 🙂
Consisting of Team A and Team B 🙂
My beloved abang adie 🙂
UM B! Anwar, Shaiffulah, Nasri
Rebel who wore jeans. Ditto!
“Humph! I am the non-rebel-faced”
As usual, the best part is…jenjalang la you alls! 

My dear Shaiffulah, Nasri and Anwar, I am so sorry, I wasn’t a good anchor, that was my first time to be one. The journey taught me a lot of lessons, I do hope that the feeling is mutual to each of you. Don’t stop learning lah kot, because you guys are so much more talented and bright than I was during my first gamble performance in Royale! But it goes like what Azzairi told us, jangan memperhambakan diri kepada debat because in the end, it doesn’t worth it. Tapi debat sangat membantu dalam hidup, jadi kuasailah. Cheah, cakap macam dah 10 tahun berdebat! 

In the end…

what matters the most???

of course it would be…


4.00 in FINAL EXAM!!!

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