T-W-E-N-T-Y, It’s Not Funny!

For me, birthday is a significant day throughout the 365 days in a year. It reflects that we had successfully or vice versa undergone another one year of challenge in our life, graduated with one year worthful experiences, and even becoming one year closer to death. It has always been an important date to remark, to highlight bulky big in the calendar, well at least for me.

This year, Alhamdulillah. On 5.10am on 13th November 2012, I was given another opportunity to breath, to be lend by the Lord another remarkable yet joyous day of having one year settlement for the 20th time. I can’t believe it that I turned 20, quite all of sudden anyway. Like what my mom said “Happy birthday, anak Mama dah 20, dah besar”.. Oh anyway I left the card in my room, now regretting every part of not carrying it back to UM. Sigh.

This year, after not celebrating my birthdays for a couple of years with beloved family, finally this year I celebrated it with them. Not only within my small not so big family but also with my big big family lah. What made it even more beautiful was when my small sisters (even the 5 years old one) were so enthusiastic of buying me birthday presents. So cute! I wasn’t hoping for anything from my sisters, they are not yet working so bila dapat kinda like terharunya!

As for both of my parents, well to be honest I asked for nothing from them this year. I think I had enough, and grateful enough for previous countless ‘presents’ they gave me even not during my birthday. From the tiniest prepaid topup to expenses in university to even monthly car payment, I’d never grab out my own pennies from my purse. Alhamdulillah for both kindest parents I had, Ya ALLAH. But of course, they have always been very generous, this year’s birthday wasn’t excluded. Teehehee.

Hah! Brag not about the presents. I am not Diana Danielle who appeared to have a zygote in her tummy for birthday present (congrats Dee!!), so don’t have to be very loud with what I’ve received lah! All that I am trying to say here, I am scared. I am really really scared. I am 20, my goodness I am old. But let’s think positively, I might already lose my ‘teen’ years, but I am always an infant to both of my parents. Haha. Okay, happy birthday Kiasatina Othman.

Hmm anyway, few had promised me my favourite garments like Marc Jacobs and Charles and Keith (and oh oh! my haunt for Naked2 eye pallet is not reaching the end of the road ok!) for birthday pressies. I hope the people reading this will terkena sikit batang hidung, this is an indirect wake up call yeah. Hahah cruel cruel. 

Cut the bloopies!


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