Law Career Convention 2012

Assalamualaikum and wishing you a happy November.

I was, I am a November baby myself and every year, I wish for a blastful November, by the means of having productive days in the month, great surprises and clear smooth business running thoroughly. Hmm, it seems like that so far, just for a few chapters that it went overloaded. Life is parallel to the age kan, so meaning the older you get, the stiffer your jobs gotta be! 


Anyway, one of my responsibilities in this November is the Law Career Convention 2012 which is the annual event held by Law Society, University of Malaya in collaboration with KPUM (a body of law students in United Kingdom and Eire). It is not limited to the law students of UM itself but this convention welcomes every legal students in Malaysia, you are free to come.

Hereby, boleh la kalau nak berkenalan dengan law firms, NGOs and governmental bodies because our entities this year are very powerful. We have SKRINE, Raja Daryll, Zco, Zulrafique, Shook Lin, Azman Davidson and many more! If your heart are already attached partially, do not hesitate to pay a visit to Faculty of Law, University of Malaya, and could bring together your CVs to try your lucks! CVs are not only limited to the final years student who probably by now started to merisik for a place for chambering, but also for eager legal students to try on experiences of practicing in legal firms during holidays, perhaps? Yahh, all that I am trying to say is, please make a wiseful usage of this event, because we’ve spent all sweats to make this successful! 

Ze posterico!

But, I might not be around the faculty during the event, because I am entitled to join a debate tournament in UTP for a couple of days. It is quite odd and I am really reluctant to join the debate, esp when my bestfriend is paying a visit in my varsity. She’s representing her varsity for a mooting competition which will be held by this weekend too, please wish my bestie loads of lucks! What am I blabbering anyway.

Apparently, I thought November had just paid me an initial visit last few days but now it feels like it’s going to end any minutes. Time never crawls kan, they runs. 

Can’t wait for all these hustles to end, I am writing up with my birthday bash and some hauls I had recently! Till the next post yaaahh?? Bye!


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