It’s Gotta Be A Good Life, Good Life

Assalamualaikum and Happy Halloween to those who celebrated! I was so bad to tell my friend Syarifah that Halloween fell on 10th September, that was far away behind from this exact date. Haha sorry Sya if you’re reading this.

Anyway, this is merely a short and sweet post, because basically I have nothing to talk about. No, exact term would be too many to talk about but so little time that I have no space to talk about stuffs. Geddit? No?  Alright that’s a mess.

Anyway, since today I just got some interesting pictures from my senior Jorene, I decided to share some lameness of black and white with you guys. It was a photoshoot in the past fortnight, consisting of us, The Councils of Law Society University of Malaya. I don’t have an idea whether these pictures gonna please you not haha because black and white are bosan la kan for some people. Nothing fancy here, nothing colorful up to the rainbow. PLAIN.
konon la nak berGangnam

proper one
Junior councils 🙂 
haruslah kan
Looks like October is about to end up soon. November is approaching, and I’m kinda torn in between to love or not to love November. It is so cramped with tests, field trip, occasion, debate but it’s my birthday month! Oh no! [mengepak topik birthday kekdahnya]. Alright lah, wishing you guys a blissful November ahead and goodluck with your lives! 

p/s Thanks Syafiq for the awesome shoot 🙂

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