Sneak Peak

Greetings everyone!

So long that I haven’t blog something in this blog isn’t it? Well, life has been extremely busy nowadays. Law school hustles, debate commitments and few more events which were all cramped in a busy week. I feel like imma busy queen bee for a moment. Wallaaa..

Okay, I really have nothing much  nothing to say because apparently I woke up early for class just now, yet I have another 45 minutes so just giving a cemar duli here. I just came back from a debate tournament namely Debat Piala Perdana Menteri 2012 held in ESSET Bangi. Sadly, I don’t feel like blabbering much on the debate, I could..still feeling a little lump of sadness deep down here for not making it to the final. We were on the right track up to the Quarter Finale because lost 3-2 to UKM on the motion “Dewan Ini Akan Menjadikan Malaysia Sebagai Sebuah Negara Kebajikan”. That time.. oh okay I promised not to blabber anyway.

So, that’s about it. The pros is that I was exempted from classes for 3 days long, that’s a pleasure but the cons is.. I lost.

I met my idol, Khairy Jamaluddin! That was another pros of the debate of course. But I hate my body posture in here. Why am I being too bongkok? Hish.
A picture I could find in their official website. This time was a winning over USM.
This is the only team picture I could find. I know it’s a bit blur, in fact deeply blur, but, tidak mengapalah.

Have a nice days ahead everyone!

p/s Terkilan itu pasti. Mungkin rezeki tertangguh.

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